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Shoko-chan Now this is interesting. No sooner do I put up a post about the patron than the man himself returns to the dojo and since, as previously mentioned, this gentleman is choosey and has excellent taste and always requires a new face, Steve put the call out to Shoko-chan whom I first met, oh, about four years ago.

Shoko-chan was a young thing back then. She’s still young, of course, and she looks pretty much as I remember her. She’s a very eager and willing rope slut (my words — Steve prefers “rope bunny”). She digs being stripped naked and tied up good and tight. There is a full-length mirror in the dojo and Shoko-chan just couldn’t keep her eyes off herself as the ropes were being applied to her plump, voluptuous body.

Just for kicks, I dug out some old video clips I took at her debut performance at Studio SIX. I chose these clips because, one, they show a hogtie which I’m particularly fond of and, two, I didn’t have to add any mosaic to the footage.

Now, this isn’t a very good hogtie. The hapless klutz applying the ropes is in desperate need of some basic shibari training. In fact, it looks like he’d never tied up a girl before in his life. At one point you can see Steve assisting him when he couldn’t figure out how to finish tying Shoko-chan’s elbows together.

Usually at Studio SIX Steve puts on his show with the model of the evening that lasts several hours and just gives everyone enough time to get to the station for the last train home. This night was different. After the main event, Shoko-chan was amenable to having complete strangers bind her and do all manner of nasty things to her. It was one of those nights of debauchery, as I recall.

One Japanese guy who stayed late was a pretty good rope artist in his own right and he definitely had fun with Shoko-chan.

Then there’s that idiot in the video.





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