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The casual visitor may be forgiven if he thought that this was MY blog. Though I’d love to toot my own horn, what you have read here so far has ALL been penned by KabukiJoe. (OK, I may have supplied the odd interview with Randa Mai, Akechi Denki, Yukimura Haruki and others, but that’s all I ever did here.)

KabukiJoe started this blog 18 months ago to offer a rare glimpse at the finer aspects of some of Japan’s more “esoteric” art forms. To this end he has reported and informed, generously splashed the pages with photo galleries and video clips, and successfully explained some of the enigma of what we call Shibari/Kinbaku. A five-fold increase in traffic and a good 169 posts later KabukiJoe’s assumption that people out there would appreciate such service to the community was right on the money.

KabukiJoe, having made this blog into THE source originating from Japan, is now moving on to focus his energies and expertise at filmmaking and directing. Read: this will definitely not be the last thing we’ve heard of him.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank KabukiJoe for all his good work on the blog and at the dojo.

Osada Steve

PS: As Osada Productions is going from strength to strength there are always career opportunities for Internet-savvy people (read: web experts from various fields) and video editors with an interest in Shibari/Kinbaku and other forms of SM content. Enquiries about freelance or project-based collaboration welcome.


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  1. It’s a pity!
    I really liked the blog and I believe it was KabukiJoe’s writing that made it such a wonderful blog.

    I am going to miss him and I would appreciate that this blog would go on, writen by another person, although it would not be the same at all.

  2. Arggghhh… Too bad. I was just getting used to receiving my regular fix of Japanese underground kink.

  3. I have read every post ever since I stumbled upon this blog. It’s refreshing to read.

  4. Oh Man, whats going on. KabukiJoe back to other things. So sad. But I wish him all the best for the future.

  5. Thanks for your exellent work on this blog KabukiJoe.
    Good luck for your movies.

  6. Shibari is an ephemeral art, so it is perhaps natural that KabukiJoe’s creation is itself changing. At least we have the record of his words.

    Dee and I wish him the best in his pursuit of “other things”. –Mick

  7. StrangeLove on

    Thanks for all the joy (and porn) you brought us, it was always a delight to read the blog. I’m looking forward to future developements 🙂

    All the best,


  8. What KabukiJoe has done here for me and all the others, that have been reading this fine blog the past time can not be praised enough. Many of his words will last not only here but in my mind.
    Wish him success in what he plans – and hope this Blog will be in the future as it was – a very wealthy source of insight for me.


  9. KabukiJoe thanx! Also, I have a good feeling that our honorable Master Steve is capable of providing the same interesting content and Oriental kink as Massa K.Joe!


  10. I definately will miss KabukiJoe’s writings! A well of insight an inspiration, getting things “right” – especially to us in the West! ;o)

    Thankyou for the great work!
    ~ guess we all are looking foreward to what now comes from his hand!

    nekoko deli

  11. Thanks to the hororable Mr Joe. Hope the filmmaking and directing carreer will be a good one.
    Thank you.


  12. Hello;

    This is a wonderful blog!

    I ache with envy at those people based in Tokyo Japan who are able to attend such wonderful show and SM events.

    I’m currently planning a trip to Tokyo in November and I do hope I can seek yours or Osada-san’s assistance to fully utilize the time I have there.

    You come from an awesome place. Treasure it please. The rest of us mortals based elsewhere are not so lucky.

    However, I can assist, please drop me an email

    I’m in IT and deal with Unix. Although my skill set do not encompass web making I’ll offer my time if you need any assistance with your IT or web facilities.

    Deepest and Sincerest

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