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Saturday night was Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX as usual. I’m going to try to post the report and the photos by tomorrow at the latest.

Drachenmann is in town with Nicole. They performed at Studio SIX along with Osada Steve and Misa-chan. Afterwards, a group of aficionados headed into Kabukicho and Loft Plus One for Mira Kurumi’s birthday bash. Steve performed traditional shibari there as did Drachenmann.

I’ve read mixed reviews of the event at Loft Plus One.

One thing’s for sure, if Mira Kurumi is involved, you’re going to witness some truly bizarre stuff. Last time I was there, there were a lot of pointy and sharp instruments being employed. And I seem to recall a bloody, dead rat — or something. This time it was apparently the insects’ turn.

Interestingly, it appears that Steve and Drachenmann were the only ones to exhibit traditional shibari technique. The rest was a mixture of mayhem and madness.

If I can get some photos from the event, I’ll post them here.

In the meantime, here’s a gallery of photos that I don’t believe I’ve posted before. Some are similar to ones I’ve posted in the past while others are brand new.




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