Loft Plus One = Lots of Birthday Suits


Nichole It was Mira Kurumi’s birthday and, since we all know his profession, you can easily guess that it was no ordinary birthday party. There was blood-spilling, blood-chilling action in the seven or eight acts that took place throughout the night.

But first things first. The concept of the show was that Mira met some of his friends who all brought special presents. The presents were mostly the performances they put on for him so there were many members of Tokyo’s avant garde art and underground SM scene there. In fact, Drachenmann and Nichole were part of the program as well as our own favorite angel, Asagi Ageha.

Ageha was one of the first performers. She did her self-bondage show that I have seen on several occasions. It is amazing what she can do with some ropes and her athletic body. I especially like the various themes she uses. This time, it was a kind of Madonna-meets-007 theme. She started out fully dressed with sunglasses, cool spy attire and a small suitcase that contained her ropes and then she put on a show that can best be described as a semi-strip, semi-rope show. Very sexy. Hopefully I taped it well enough to have usable material.

Then it was Drachenmann‘s turn. The stage at Loft Plus One is bigger than the space available at Studio SIX and the audience was more numerous as well. Due to the light situation, there were no needles this time but we got another glimpse of the surfing bondage master (sounds like an ancient kung fu technique) and we got to see some whipping action with a black, single tailed whip. The suspension was great with Nichole getting lifted up very high in the air and hanging head down from the ceiling.

After their performance, Drachenmann showed his true potential as a tormentor: He
started singing Happy Birthday to Mira Kurumi!

Then we saw yet another suspension: A hook suspension I had heard of but had not personally witnessed until now. The guy looked pretty weird — scars and tattoos and all sorts of strange knot-like things underneath his skin. In fact, I am not sure whether or not those things were body modifications or souvenirs of accidents he had had earlier in his life. Anyway, he used a die to determine the number of hooks he would have to use and the same die to determine the places where the hooks were meant to be placed. Actually, Mira rolled the die for the amount and the audience the locations.

He used a twelve-sided die and had the numbers one to 12 scrawled on various parts
of his body. In the case of a repeatedly-rolled number, he would lose one hook. He might have had ten hooks but due to repeated numbers, ended up with seven. So he got pierced, fixed the hooks to chains and had his assistant lift him with a pulley.

There was also the butoh dance guy who wore a black short skirt with a corset and some torn stockings. His performance crossed the borders of gender, life and death and had an overall necrophiliac air that was weird and somewhat disturbing yet, at the same time, fascinating. I really like him and enjoy his performances and since he belongs to “the usual suspects” who often show up at events, I see him quite often.

Some of you might remember my report about the rat eating girl. Yes, it was at Loft Plus One, but this time no rat was consumed. Not to worry. It got plenty disgusting this time around even though no rat intestines were spread across the floor.

This time it was insects that were eaten. Poor Mira. He attempted to eat a cockroach twice but never managed to swallow it. This wasn’t exactly his idea. His friends thought this would be a good birthday gift. I learned something though: Cockroaches taste bitter and their legs hurt in your mouth. Sometimes they even try to climb up your throat after you have swallowed them.

The last performance was very intense. Two “brides” walked onto the stage. One sat down on a chair while the other one started to draw some blood and…uh, suffice it to say that this act involved blood and wax play. I am not really into the blood play thing and syringes give me creeps. But still, the show was nicely arranged and I guess there is an audience for this kind of thing.

Click the Gallery link below to see some photos of Ageha’s act at Loft Plus One and Drachenmann and Nichole at Studio SIX earlier in the evening. Sorry, no bloody pics of cockroaches.




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