Attackers 10th Anniversary DVD Series


Attackers I got this notice from Osada Steve awhile back and am just now getting around to posting it here:

“Looks like Attackers is putting out a 10th Anniversary series like the one I am starring in with Randa Mai, Mira Kurumi, Chiba Eizoh and seven others. They paired us up and let us loose for one full hour each against one single woman who bravely suffered without any rest. That’s like five or six hours nonstop for the model. I wonder how they turned that footage into a DVD?”

So, Attackers has been around for a decade now. Congratulations to them.

If you scroll down after hitting that link in Steve’s quote, you will find a picture of Steve holding a sign congratulating Attackers on their milestone. There are a lot of photos of other performers as well.

Here’s a link to a picture of Steve in action with the aforementioned model.

It appears this may be the second in a series of memorial DVDs. The first one appears to have been released in March while this one has a release date of July 7.

Squeezing five (or six) hours of material onto a single DVD while still maintaining quality would be quite a feat — especially if it’s a single layer disc.

Okay, just checked the website that sells the DVD. It’s 150 minutes. Something got left on the cutting room floor, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Still, this is a lot of material and it features some of the biggest names in the business. I also like the concept and it’s priced right.

I’ve gotten pretty picky about what I watch these days but I may be adding this one to my collection.



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