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Serina Komuro I recently sent Steve a short video I edited for a project he’s working on. This sounds quite interesting and I’ll fill you in on the details as soon as I get the green light.

I actually made two versions of this video. One for his specific project request and another for use as an event promo. The latter is a bit longer and somewhat fancier. He really didn’t need anything fancy for the original assignment; I just got carried away with the unsolicited version.

I used footage that I already had handy which means Nami-chan is prominently featured in both videos. A new photo of Nami-chan can be found at the end of this report.

I believe I can be more forthcoming concerning a bit of news that came to my attention recently.
It would appear that Steve may be working with the bewitching Serina Komuro on an upcoming video. Ms. Komuro is a well-known name in Japan bondage circles. I first made her acquaintance a few years ago when Steve held an Osada Eikichi memorial event at the Mistress Bar in Roppongi.

Ms. Komuro, though she has often appeared in videos as a sub, played the dominant role as she tied up two lovelies that evening, one from her own stable of m-jo and another who used to work with Steve as a model. I believe her name is Yuri and she has a small tattoo of a butterfly between her breasts.

I ran into Yuri several months ago while making the rounds with Steve and Ageha. We happened to go into a very underground club. It was literally underground as it was located in the basement of some kind of office building. This rough cavern had been left in its original, crude state and, man, there was shit going on down there that was pretty amazing, to put it mildly.

In other news, Asagi Ageha, in addition to her many other talents, is a graphic artist and has her own unique style of design and craftsmanship. She was commissioned to produce the cover of an SM novel by a well-known writer of such fare. A picture of the cover is included below.

And speaking of Ageha, she has been practicing for her upcoming show at Kitty Fire, formerly known as Department H. A photo of her rehearsal is also included below.

And by the way: I happened to be the shooter at that event in Roppongi and Steve turned it into a tape and I believe it’s still for sale on his website. Here’s a review by Master K:

“Mistress Serina Komuro displays her kinbaku skills on two submissive angels in this breathtaking live show. Rope bondage, rope suspension, candle wax, hard whipping, and merciless kicking. The show culminates with Komuro doing self-bondage and finally slashing her wrists to part from this world — but not before two more stunning mistresses take to the stage for a five-way lesbian orgy. This performance was taped at the Roppongi Mistress Bar during a multi-stage Osada Eikichi Memorial event.”

OK, just checked and it appears the tape is no longer available. This was a very exclusive event and if you ordered the tape, it didn’t come cheap: 9800 yen to be exact.

Good news though. The video can be streamed in its entirety. I wasn’t able to put up a direct link so just go to the JapanBondage.TV website and look for the “Others” category. Then scroll down the page a bit and you’ll find the Serina Komuro show. While you’re there, take a look at all the other great vids on offer. Some really unique stuff there.



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