Two for the Price of One


The concept is simple enough: Take a cute, young girl and subject her to the onslaught of a dozen of Japan’s most accomplished bondage and SM maestros, non-stop, over the course of a day-long shooting schedule.

They work in pairs and each team gets an hour to put the girl through her paces. Truly a marathon of bondage and torment for the star of the day.

I recently met up with Osada Steve at one of our usual hangouts, a burger joint not far from Studio SIX. Later, he passed me a box containing two DVDs from the company Attackers. This is one in the Super Special series which feature this one-against-many concept.

Steve appears in this one alongside Mira Kurumi. Steve provides the majority of the expert rope work while MK seems to have different ideas. In other words, he brought his stun gun along, and not because he feared being mugged on the way home that night.

Others who appear in this particular production include Randa Mai, Chiba Eizoh, Osada Kazumi, Naka Akira and Kato Taka. I didn’t catch all the names, I’m afraid. My kanji reading ability is still abysmal. There were a pair of mistresses who specialized in hot wax and dildo action. They were as beautiful as the young starlet and as cruel as she was submissive.

Chiba Eizoh is, of course, well known for his nose and face torture style. Surprisingly (at least to me), his partner was Osada Kazumi. Kazumi used to be Osada Eikichi’s show partner and she ran something called Osada Seminar. I’m not sure if that’s still going or not.

I met her on a few occasions. She is equally comfortable tying and being tied. My guess is these days she is mainly tying and this was her role in the video while Chiba sensei applied his patented face torture paraphernalia.

Naka Akira was in good form.

It does seem that a lot of the videos have gotten a harder edge to them in the last few years. I think this is undoubtedly a response to competition from the internet. Naka’s piece featured some strong face bondage as well as breath control.

Randa Mai finished things up on Disc 2 with his usual masterful rope technique but, in keeping with the current fashion, he produced a bullwhip and used it on his helpless captive who was bound, wrists overhead and naked, standing on tip toes.

Overall, two discs containing 150 minutes of non-stop action at the reasonable price of 4,410 yen.

There is at least one other two-disc set in this series that I am aware of and I’m going to take a look at it as well. That one has Shikou Shima in it using his modified blow torch. He appears to be accompanied by an equally cruel mistress.

Two doms; two discs. Like the title says: two for the price of one.



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