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Asagi Ageha Saturday night was Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX as usual and, once again, Osada Steve did not disappoint as he put the mesmerizing Asagi Ageha through her paces.

Lovely Ageha-chan was in fine form and looked stunning in her various kimonos and positively erotic trapped in Steve’s unyielding rope. The audience was treated to a variety of ties and positions as the event stretched over its usual time frame from 7 PM to 11 PM. One wonders how sweet Ageha-chan was able to endure such a schedule. It helps that Steve is a master when it comes to applying rope — an avocation that, in lesser hands, could easily result in disaster.

There was the time that Steve was preparing a rope which ultimately would be used to carry Ageha-chan’s full weight. Diminutive though she is, Steve noticed that the rope was slightly frayed, un-did the whole thing, and opted for a different one. Safety comes before all else and I don’t think anyone in attendance minded the slight delay. Anyway, untying ropes comes with the territory, and Japanese folks are nothing if not patient and understand that it’s part of the process, especially when the safety of the model is at stake.

It has been mentioned before but it bears repeating: Steve and Ageha-chan are simply the Dynamic Duo. They have worked together hundreds of times over the years. Studio SIX, videos, live performances. I think they can read each other’s mind.

And Ageha-chan, the consummate professional, makes each performance better than the last. And after her gig at Studio SIX on Saturday, she had to pack to catch a train to another part of Japan where she would put on her popular self-bondage act.

There was a good crowd on hand Saturday night. One fellow opted for the picture package and captured everything on his camcorder. There was a westerner present as well who was visiting Studio SIX for the first time.

I alternated taking photographs and capturing the action on my high-definition video camera. I’ve included a gallery with this report as well as a short video. After the event, we hooked the video camera up to Steve’s high-def TV and were blown away. I used to think that porn in high definition wasn’t really that big a deal. After seeing the images on that TV, I’ve changed my mind. Now, if everyone would just go out and buy a high-def disc player, we would start seeing what we’ve been missing all these years.


GALLERYAsagi Ageha at Studio SIX

VIDEO — WMV, 4.95 MB


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  1. Just so there’s no confusion, the photos were taken with the Nikon D 40. The video was taken with the Canon HV 20 in 1080i. The camera shoots 24p but I can’t do the pulldown correctly — yet., so I didn’t use that. You see a lot of interlacing on a computer screen but it’s smooth and beautiful on a high def LCD TV. –KabukiJoe

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