Cumming Attractions


Saturday Nov. 24 will feature Juli-chan at Studio SIX. As per usual, things get rolling around 7:00 PM.

As I mentioned earlier, Osada Steve is a regular at the bondage bar Mode et Baroque in Roppongi. He puts on shows, ties up horny female customers and also provides training for the staff. There will be a special Kinbaku Ladies Night at the place on Dec. 5 and Dec. 19. A good opportunity to head over there with that certain someone.

There will be a kinbaku event on Dec. 15 at MK Studio in Shin-Okubo. Steve and Asagi Ageha will be there along with Ranki Kazami and Kanno Chiaki. This is a Saturday night (sorry, don’t have the start time) so Studio SIX will be canceled that evening. As an added bonus, you’ll be very close to some excellent Korean BBQ restaurants, otherwise known as yakiniku.

On Dec. 28, another kinbaku event at the club Sleeping Beauty in Shibuya. Once again Steve and Ageha will perform, this time along with Hajime Kinoko and others.

So, with the exception of Dec. 15, performances at Studio SIX will continue as usual till the end of the year.

And now, some photos I believe I haven’t posted here yet, including a new one of Juli-chan. Most of the others are from a show at DX Kabukicho in September.



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