Juli-chan Just Keeps Cumming


I missed the last appearance of Juli-chan at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX so this time around I made sure to be there. I also begged Osada Steve to outfit Juli-chan as an OL (office lady to the uninitiated). This he did and there was cute Juli-chan all made up to look like the innocent secretary of Tokyo’s most lecherous boss. First, she was made to say her name: “My name is Juli,” she replied sweetly with nary a hint of an accent. Steve continued his brutal interrogation: “Are you a secretary?” he demanded. This was too much for Juli-chan whose English ability apparently stops at “My name is Juli.” As he continued his grilling in English, you could see that Juli-chan was truly suffering linguistic torture.

When the questioning finally stopped, Juli-chan was visibly relieved that she no longer had to endure the agony of English Hell. She no doubt enjoyed the remainder of her performance, though, as she treated herself (and us) to several spontaneous, pulsating orgasms.

It probably helped that Steve had his industrial strength vibrator firmly planted in Juli-chan’s crotch at least part of the time. But these girls, in the right hands, can cum practically at the mere sight of rope. And once firmly bound by someone who knows what the fuck he’s doing, they drift off into sub-space and then they just start cumming and cumming — kinda like the Energizer goddamned Bunny (to paraphrase a bit).

Once again, I have no blow-by-blow here. I’ve been working on the gallery for hours and it’s after 2:00 a.m. in Tokyo. I’m also putting together a video but that’s probably going to go up tomorrow sometime. So check back. It was shot in beautiful high def. Of course, it always gets dumbed down for the web but what’re ya gonna do?

I think those little shiny discs are going to be with us for some time to come until someone figures out how we can get at least the same quality delivered to us on our computers in less time than it takes to fly to China and back.

Then they’ll have to convince the fellows in Hollywood with the tight sphincters to actually allow their shit out on the internets. I’m talking about legitimate downloads here, not pirating crap all over the place.

Anyway, if you want to know what happened at Studio SIX last night, look at the goddamned pictures. Or wait for the video (tomorrow, promise). Or better yet, get yer ass over here and take in the live show. If you’re lucky, Steve might even take you out on the town for a real SM Night Tour.




VIDEO — WMV, 4 MB (non-broadband version)


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  1. Sorry for the confusion. Hit the link and then go to the bottom of the page. On the right side (at the bottom) it says “Free”. Click that and it will take you to the download page (free users have to wait a couple of minutes). This is a big file and unless you have a speedy connection, you’re not going to be happy. I’ve heard between 12 minutes and two hours (!) to download. I may have to go back to Plan A. –KJ

  2. Hmm back to the drawing board I guess… it gave me “You have reached the download-limit for free-users”

  3. Right. After you download a certain amount, RS makes you wait a long time before you can download again. I don’t know why it did that with you if you hadn’t downloaded anything previously. I’m going to put up a shorter, smaller version of the video which will be easy to access. Look for it by tomorrow in the same post. –KJ

  4. Ok made it through – it is a bit complex, but if its free can’t complain. took about 10 minutes

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