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Juli head It was a cold and dreary night. Okay, so it wasn’t that dreary. It was cold, though. I still managed to get my ass over to Studio SIX Saturday night to see what Osada Steve was up to on this particular evening with the mercury hovering perilously close to zero Celsius. All was well, though, as Studio SIX turned out to be the hottest ticket in Tokyo on this particular night. Not only was the bondage action sizzling but there was a good crowd on hand and all those bodies crammed into the dojo soon had me nice and toasty. That was probably fortunate since it didn’t take too long before cutie Juli-chan was wearing nothing but Steve’s ropes.

My schedule seems to be coinciding with Juli-chan’s appearances at Studio SIX. Am I doing this subconsciously? I don’t know. I do know that I was getting a boner just thinking about Juli-chan coming out with her office lady outfit on — short, tight skirt, white blouse, stockings, high heels — all topped off with a sexy pair of glasses. Not tonight. Steve had other ideas. It was School Girl Night. Juli-chan blushed with embarrassment as she had flashbacks to a time in the not-so-distant past.

She also let slip that she donned her sailor suit because, “Steve really likes it!” Well, I didn’t know that but he certainly has good taste. There are usually about four or five different sets spread over the four or so hours at Studio SIX. It sometimes goes on longer. Depends on the vibe, the yin-yang, the feng shui. Each set generally features a different garment, at least until it’s completely gone. Juli-chan came out initially in a beautiful red and white kimono and Steve had her bound in no time in the best tradition of Japanese shibari. Later, she put on a lovely dress cut well above the knees. And then, of course, the sailor suit school girl outfit.

I missed the first set. The icy wind blowing through the corridors of Ikebukuro slowed me down a bit. During the breaks I usually step out for a breath of fresh air and a fag. A distinguished looking gentleman passed by me. Said I: “You look familiar. Have we met before?” Turns out this was the one and only Esinem, in Tokyo via London town. I don’t think I had actually met him before in person even though he had been in town in April working with Osada Steve. I had probably seen him and his work on the internet, thus the familiarity.

A reporter/photographer from Japan’s venerable bondage magazine, SM Sniper, was at Studio SIX earlier in the evening as Esinem continued his masters course in advanced shibari skills with Osada Steve. Esinem is, of course, already a skilled rope artist in his own right. But a master never really is a master, now is he? The best keep on learning, as does Osada Steve.

Esinem has also studied under homegrown Japanese masters and once the reporter asked him what the difference was between that and studying with Osada Steve. Of course, he replied that Osada Steve kicks all their asses. I jest. He provided a much more diplomatic response. Anyway, Esinem has appeared before in SM Sniper and it looks like there will be another write-up on him, complete with pictures, in a forthcoming issue.

Now, before concluding, let me just point out that we don’t piss you off with pop-up ads that cover the copy and don’t go away here at TokyoBound. At least not yet. And, I’m putting up a mega-gallery of this past Saturday’s Studio SIX starring Juli-chan. I may even get an ass-kicking from Steve for putting up so many free pictures. Steve has his pay sites, you see, and these pics and videos go there. Now, on Saturday there were at least three of us taking snaps and one of these guys was a real pro so a lot more (and better) photos will be available on one of Steve’s sites. What I’m saying is, those sites support this site which, you’ve probably noticed, don’t cost nothin’. However, Saturday night wasn’t free for Steve. Models need to be paid. The video guy gets paid, etc., etc.

With that in mind, I was recently perusing and saw that Steve has another DVD set of shibari tutorials featuring the inimitable Randa Mai. Below is the graphic. Click on it and check it out. While you’re there, you can also find other tutorials, classic VHS tapes, photo books and a whole bunch of juicy stuff. All real all the time and straight from Japan.

Or consider joining one of Steve’s pay sites (links on the left) and then you can get all the good stuff delivered to the privacy of your porn box. He really does have some unique and classic material. Saotome Hiromi performing her seppuku act in the nude? Got it. One last thing: Steve didn’t ask me to put in this plug. He never has. This is my brainchild. And I’d like to keep TokyoBound going — upward and onward and hopefully onto bigger and better things.




Update: I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting trying to get the file sizes smaller while retaining quality. As things are now, I have to recommend that you watch the video using WM player. I’ve tried it in VLC but, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t look as good. Also, it looks better on a PC than on a Mac, at least in my tests. Your mileage may vary. I’ve even had this full-screen on my 24 inch monitor and it didn’t look half bad. Testing continues in order to achieve internet video nirvana.

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