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One thing you can say about Kinbaku Live Night at Studio Six: the models come in all shapes and sizes. More often than not, the girls who come over to be bound by Osada Steve tend to be rather slender and petite. Just because they’re slender doesn’t mean they don’t have impressive tits, however. Ryo-chan, for example, is quite well-endowed in this department and Ageha-chan is the envy of many aspiring m-jo. This past Saturday evening we saw a brand new addition to the Studio SIX lineup and this young lady certainly has it where it counts. If you like your women heavy-breasted with ample cushion for the pushin’, then a girl like Kasumi-chan is your wet dream come true.

And if you thought you liked ’em skinny, Kasumi-chan will make you think again. An alluring, beautiful face, fantastic boobs, creamy smooth skin and just the right amount of meat on the bones –- watching Kasumi-chan will make you glad you didn’t wear your tight jeans to Studio SIX.

Unfortunately, I missed the first set but I was definitely there for the majority of the action. Kasumi-chan came out dressed in a kimono, which isn’t unusual since Steve has quite a large collection of them. She looked lovely and seductive in her dazzling red attire but she looked even better as Steve applied the ropes and then deftly removed the top portion. Kasumi-chan’s amazing jugs bounced to freedom even as the rest of her body was becoming ever more restricted.

She had her arms bound tightly behind her back and soon her left leg was hauled into the air by a rope tied at the knee. Not long after this her other leg was hoisted into the air by an ankle rope and Kasumi-chan swung from the overhead steel pipe, custom-made for dangling young, naked maidens in the dojo of doom.

A thin wisp of red cloth narrowly covered Kasumi-chan’s private region. Unlike most of Steve’s rope bunnies, this one had not yet been initiated into the official Osada Steve kinbaku club: she still had her pussy hair intact. The master said he would remedy this the next time Kasumi-chan appeared at Studio SIX, however, I protested. I loved the look of that tasty fur burger. I am fond of burgers, you know.

Eventually, Kasumi-chan was brought down and compelled to set her gorgeous, plump ass on a straw barrel designed to hold Japanese sake. It was a pleasant sight, indeed, to watch her smooth butt make contact with the rough surface of the container. Kasumi-chan was now almost completely naked and Steve proceeded to tie her upper body in an intricate harness which was as beautiful as it was complex. Don’t try this at home.

Ah hell, go ahead. And good luck.

That will give you a taste of what we satisfied onlookers were able to see Saturday night. I told you last week this one was going to be a corker, right?

Thinking back, I mentioned to Steve that I might not be getting into Studio SIX next time. You see, because of the train schedules (and the fact that Steve usually buys me a MOS burger) I often find myself taking advantage of the accommodations of Chez Studio SIX. As nice as they are, I generally prefer to sleep on my own musty futon in my own shoebox apartment. But after perusing the photos and video I took of Kasumi-chan, and re-living the lust, I feel an irresistible compulsion to return to the dojo if Kasumi-chan is there again next Saturday night.

Steve put out a few of the photos on one of his Yahoo groups along with a commentary. This inspired a member to ask Steve an interesting question concerning the name he applied to one of his ties. The name had the Japanese word hojo in it and, apparently, traditional hojojutsu used a single rope instead of a doubled-up rope which is extremely common in modern day nawa shibari.

I thought Steve’s reply was worth re-printing here:

“This tie is hojojutsu-inspired and resembles documented pre-shibari patterns in two ways: (a) the particular way the hishi is constructed in the front and (b) the way the rope is wrapped around the upper arms in the back.

If someone can give me a good name for these arm wraps I don’t mind calling this tie by another name. As far as not “using the techniques” employed in hojojutsu, to begin with, hojo ties are done without doubled-up rope. That alone would make the use of the hojo moniker completely obsolete for all shibari ties. Yet, if I refer to Kanna sensei, Yukimura Haruki and others, they all use the term hojo for a variety of ties that are adapted to shibari. Perhaps the differences between hobakujutsu and hojojutsu are causing confusion.

There are techniques to capture, catch and overwhelm opponents with emphasis on speed. And there are techniques to interrogate, torture, transport or prepare prisoners to be presented before a trial. So there are different techniques with different purposes and different final looks.

I would say the tie that I have called hojo hishi shibari resembles bondage patterns you see in Japanese period films when a prisoner is brought to sit in front of a judge (though I doubt whether the ties in those films are as elaborate as you see them in my photos — simply because of a lack of expertise among the crews.) In any case, shibari professionals in Japan are using the term hojo(jutsu) with or without the elaborating suffix “inspired” for these types of ties. The tie in the photos is fairly codified/standardized and I am doing it fairly frequently, so I’d like to have a name for it. I am fairly flexible as to what name I should finally settle on…”

The video of this week’s show was shot on a new camera and the quality of the video shows that I really need to monkey around with the settings. This camera records high definition video to SD card in the AVC-HD format. This is different from my other camera which records to tape in the HDV format. AVC-HD is a bit trickier to edit but it is possible if you have the right software and hardware. The toughest part, it would seem, is getting the camera set up right so that it doesn’t over-expose and over-saturate. More practice is in order.

Another good reason to crash the party at Studio SIX next week.


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  1. I am interested in japanese bondage but dislike the pixellation there is on various sites. Do you know if japanbondage.tv or any of the others you have links to are clear to see ?

    Regards, Chris.


    Sorry, I don’t know of any sites originating in Japan that are mosaic-free. The consequences of flaunting the law would far outweigh any potential benefits, I’m sure 🙂 That said, why not give japanbondage.tv a try? You may find, as I have, that the content is worth the relatively minor inconvenience — KJ

  2. Wow, Kasumi-chan is really stunning!


    I am particularly stunned by her amazing ta ta’s 🙂 — KJ

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