I’m Seriously Hacked Off


Because we were hacked.

This all started when Osada Steve sent me an email detailing how it is possible to watch YouTube videos at higher quality. Like many bloggers, I use a separate software product to write and edit my posts instead of the online editor that comes with the blogging application.

I went to change six characters of code in the previous post which was titled, “Seeing Red at Studio SIX” and all hell broke loose. While I was able to upload the post, it came out looking like shit and none of the links worked. I spent a few hours trying to save that post. But just getting it back to its original state proved impossible.

Just to be sure, I looked at the published post using IE on my PC and Firefox on my Mac. No joy. So, in the end, I wound up having to delete the post completely.

I’m using a different editor to write this post but I’m going to go back to the old one to see if I can retrieve that old post and get it up again. It was the one that had the embedded YouTube video of Steve and Ageha’s show at Tokyo Decadance as well as the link to the video at the YouTube site.

If I can get the old post up again, great. If not, I’ll embed the YouTube video here and provide the link to the higher quality version as well.

After all the shit started hitting the fan, I went online and did a little research. It turns out that TokyoBound isn’t the only blog to have been hacked in this manner. I won’t bore you with all the details but I was able to find the solution to the problem — I just didn’t have the skills to implement the fix.

Fortunately, Steve has an expert on staff who was able to take care of this. But I think it involved removing malicious code by hand over about four hours. I never could have done this in a million years.

This post is as much a test of a different blog editor as it is a rant against the scumbag swine known as spammers. In the end, the individual who caused us to waste 12 hours of our time was a spammer. Karma will eventually catch up with you, my friend. But before that, if we ever have a chance to meet in a dark alley, I promise you pain and agony beyond your ability to comprehend.

Update: Success! Steve’s web guru is a genius!

I was able to retrieve the old post and put it back in its proper place on the blog. Even so, I’m re-linking to the gallery of Ryo-chan and putting up a new Ryo-chan gallery of photos that had been accidentally deleted but subsequently recovered by, you guessed it, Steve’s web genius. And, I’m putting the YouTube embedded video here for your convenience. I’m also linking to the higher quality version of the Tokyo Decadance video. Follow the link to see if you can notice the difference. I certainly can.


GALLERY Ryo-chan at Studio SIX

GALLERY Ryo-chan at Studio SIX, Pt. 2

VIDEO Live Shibari in Tokyo (HQ version, external link)


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