East Meets West — Double Whammy at Studio SIX


Mark headAs I slowly opened the door to Studio SIX on Saturday night, I saw a long, shiny pair of black boots on the floor just inside the entrance. The fact that the boots were on the floor was not surprising; everyone takes off his shoes before stepping onto the sacred, wax-encrusted carpet of Studio SIX. What caught my attention was that they didn’t look like the typical long, black boots worn by Japanese girls. When I peered inside, I saw the reason why: Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX had some out-of-town guests. One, a big strapping fellow, in Tokyo on business for a few days, had called up Steve on the spur of the moment and got a six-hour intensive shibari course the day before.

And then, the answer to the riddle: a couple from Australia. But not just any couple. This was Mark and Lani. Mark of DV8 House fame. I’d heard of him before. I’d read his posts on some forum or group. And here he was. Stocky, shaved head and eyes that trigger that internal buzzer — the one that warns: “Don’t fuck with this guy.” In fact, as Mark and Lani were performing and Mark slipped on his sunglasses, Osada Steve looked over at me and said something like, “He looks pretty cool, eh?” I’m paraphrasing.

I should also mention that Mark is an official distributor of true Osada Steve asanawa, the real McCoy — made in Japan of jute, not hemp. I would link here to Mark’s website but I just went there and I see it’s down for an upgrade. Just give it some time, then Google is your amigo.

But let’s move onto more important business. That would be Lani, the blonde bombshell who flies all over the world with Mark performing shibari at fetish events, conventions, what have you. In fact, the two will be at Shibaricon in the U.S. after just a short rest from their excursion to Japan.

Lani would be any rigger’s wet dream come true (yes, I know I’m overusing that term, but it just happens to fit). And speaking of fit, that would be Lani. Long, blonde hair, curves in all the right places, creamy skin. We don’t see that many girlies over here who look like Lani. Not that I’m complaining. But we males seek variety. It’s in the DNA. Deal with it.

We were especially favored Saturday night as both Lani, and the night’s regularly-scheduled model, Kasumi-chan, are very well-endowed lovlies. All natural. Nothing added. What you see is what you get. In fact, if one of those rasslin’ promoters got ahold of this, it would be billed, “The Battle of the Big Breasted Beauties!” In this match-up, everyone came out a winner — especially us gawkers.

I believe Mark and Lani will be in town until the end of the week. It would appear that Steve has planned a special SM Night Tour and the two will be performing in some other venues around town. Good luck, bon voyage and hurry back.

Kasumi-chan was back for an encore performance as I had hoped she would be. I made a special trip into Studio SIX this week just to see her again. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking but, I must say, I really like it when Steve puts her on that sake barrel, blindfolds her and ties her up — arms behind her back, rope over and under her heavy tits. Have a look and see if you don’t agree.


GALLERY — Kasumi-chan and Lani at Studio SIX

VIDEO — Double Whammy


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  1. I was lucky enough to be at the performances and was amazed . Both Osada Steve and Mark were on their game and the woman helped display their art beautifully. I learned a lot that night. Best wishes to Mark and Lani in Tokyo.

  2. It does us proud to see our Aussie rope stars, Mark & Lani from DV8 House, doing such sexy stuff overseas. Thanks for the great report, the busty photos, and the nicely structured video footage. We look forward to you coming home soon Mark & Lani, and we knew you’d do us proud! XX Ultra

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