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I neglected to mention this before but Osada Steve recently finalized a major deal with Yukimura Haruki sensei, one of the most renowned nawa experts in Japan, to stream a huge number of his videos online at JapanBondage.tv. I just checked the link and there are already several long videos available there with many more to come. This is a great opportunity to see videos that are impossible, or nearly impossible, to find outside of Japan. There are, of course, many other videos available as well, including ones of Steve himself, Randa Mai, Saotome Hiromi (早乙女宏美) and many more. And I recently heard an interesting tidbit: It is becoming increasingly difficult to shoot videos of live performances.

Apparently, this has to do with the problem of audience members showing up in the videos. I have edited several of Steve’s live performances and I’m always careful to cover up the faces of audience members but I guess someone wasn’t as diligent. Fortunately, several live shows can still be found at JapanBondage.tv and hopefully some exceptions will be made for future performances.

Here are Steve’s words on the subject:

I have recently concluded a major deal with Yukimura Haruki where I will stream his videos on JapanBondage.tv. The site is being updated weekly to feature fresh content of Yukimura Haruki, Randa Mai, and a slew of others. At the moment there are in excess of 50 updates in the pipeline. The first Yukimura videos that have made it online so far come with reviews/comments by Master K.

Over the years, as JapanBondage.tv has gone from strength to strength, Master K has contributed all the reviews. Here is one:

Yukimura sensei has made over 2500 shibari/kinbaku videos in the several decades he’s been active and it’s wonderful that this site is presenting some of his more recent efforts. They make the perfect contrast to the more suspension-oriented offerings presented on this site. His videos are always beautifully lit and shot and often use traditional Japanese settings and costumes. The pacing of his productions also differs from many more standard “rope tapes” by being slower and more sensual and the viewer benefits by this elegance and eroticism.

Generally speaking, Yukimura sensei releases several different types of programs. Some are very sexual in content, include various fetishes and have loose story lines while others concentrate more on the master’s tying techniques as he manipulates, seduces, murmurs to and controls his always attractive partners. Both styles are represented here.

And in addition to the Yukimura videos, here is a review by Master K of a movie featuring another top nawashi, Miura Takumi. This video can also be found at JapanBondage.tv:

Miura Takumi is one of the most talented of the younger kinbaku masters in Japan today. A disciple and friend of the late Akechi Denki sensei, Miura ties in a manner that closely resembles that great master whom he studied so closely. This excellent and generous 40-minute program is a wonderful opportunity for shibari fans unfamiliar with this fine nawashi’s skills to become better acquainted.

This seems like a good time to add that Steve conducted an interview with Miura Takumi and I will be posting that very interesting dialog here at TokyoBound in the not-too-distant future.

Now, Steve and Asagi Ageha are still in Osaka performing, but they will be back in Tokyo in time for Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX this coming Saturday.

I mentioned last week that Aiko-chan entertained The Patron recently at a private shoot. Below is a gallery with a few photos from that event. I also threw in a few extra photos I had of Aiko-chan which didn’t make it into the previous gallery of her regular appearance at Studio SIX.


Aiko-chan Meets The Patron


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