Shocking Pink Empress


Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) and Asagi Ageha (浅葱アゲハ) returned from Osaka after performing 40 shows in 10 days. Steve acknowledged being exhausted. Ageha-chan looked a bit like she’d been through the wringer as well. It’s not all fun and games. There’s real work involved here. Nevertheless, with just a day’s rest, Steve was at it again at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX Saturday evening. The show must go on, after all.

To top it off, the two will board a shinkansen early next Sunday morning and zip off once again to Osaka, this time for a one-day affair beginning in the afternoon. The event will be held at a luxurious salon rented for the occasion of the fifth anniversary of an Osaka SM bar/club.

They will put on one show which will last, according to Steve, about 40 minutes. Then, if they wished, they could return to Tokyo, again via shinkansen, that evening. But it looks like they will opt to stay the night and get some much-needed rest.

If Steve was tired, it was hard to notice at Studio SIX. Aiko-chan (愛子) came over and brought her beautiful Chinese dress with her. Yes! The Chinese dress, worn by a beautiful girl wrapped in Steve’s rope. The imagery I have been waiting to see. This particular dress was absolutely spectacular. I had to do a bit of internet sleuthing to see if I got the color right. It turns out I was pretty close with fuchsia. Not purple. Not pink. Some might refer to it as shocking pink but, according to official sources, it should be referred to as Hollywood cerise or fashion fuchsia.

Whatever. It was gorgeous — made all the more so by the slender form of the pretty Aiko-chan negotiating her way through the maze of Steve’s firm ropework.

I must say that, while Aiko-chan is certainly one of my favorite models at Studio SIX, she did seem a little “off” this time around. Steve told me she had recently been involved in a series of shows herself at a Tokyo strip theater. Maybe she was tired, too. I’m probably being overly picky here.

There was a fine crowd on hand Saturday night and, no doubt, everyone got his/her money’s worth. Yes, there was at least one babe in the audience. While Studio SIX is a predominately male hangout, the ladies do wander in now and then. Sometimes they disappear into the night never to be seen again. And sometimes they become the main attraction at the following week’s show, assuming it’s time for Amateur Night — or, as I’ve seen in the past, they are stripped right then and there, tied up and their inhibitions are whipped out of them, literally, as a value-added freebie to the night’s main event.

In addition to her dress, Aiko-chan brought a little something else with her. And I’ve already forgotten the name. Suffice it to say it’s made of bamboo, a half meter in length, with a couple of slits down the sides running towards the handle. It is designed to correct inappropriate behavior — or to excite audience members as it is brought into contact with a bound model’s smooth, quivering ass. Don’t take my word for it. See below for the gallery and this week’s video.


Empress Aiko-chan

Bound in a Chinese dress, WMV, 8.9 MB


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