Moving Up the Charts — the Big 10 K


I just checked the YouTube vid and we’re now at over 9,600 views.

Speaking of YouTube, there’s a solo performance of Asagi Ageha I should be editing soon. This one features her sexy acrobatics while clinging to that long, sheer piece of fabric. This is a different performance from the one at Tokyo Decadance, just the fabric is the same. When it goes up on the interwebs, you’ll find out here first. Not to be missed. And now that I’m on the subject of Ageha-chan, I checked the referral numbers and her site is in the number one position. TokyoBound has fought its way into second place but we are a distant second. In case you didn’t know, Ageha-chan is very popular in Japan. She has a large and dedicated following.

As I’ve mentioned, Osada Steve and Ageha-chan will be in Osaka this coming Sunday. They have to leave early in the morning to catch the shinkansen in order to arrive on time for the afternoon’s festivities. As such, it looked like Steve might cancel Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX this Saturday but I recently got word that Studio SIX is on as usual and that Aiko-chan will be there. If you dig slender, sexy girls with amazing tattoos, then Studio SIX is the place to be Saturday night.

To celebrate the happy news, I’ve included a couple of photos here and a new video of Aiko-chan from footage of last week’s Studio SIX shoot. One of the photos isn’t actually Aiko-chan but I don’t think anyone will complain.



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