Pretty in Pink — Aiko-chan (愛子) Redux


We saw Aiko-chan (愛子) in all her glory Saturday evening at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. She looks especially glorious when she’s completely naked, or wearing her skimpy red fundoshi. Luckily, we saw both on Saturday. Aiko-chan did not wear her fuchsia Chinese dress this time around. Instead, she favored us with the cutest little pair of pink panties. I got so many good photos (i.e., photos I couldn’t bear to leave out of the gallery) that I’ll be producing more than one gallery from the material. So, the gallery you find below is just the beginning. I’ve got enough for another one or two galleries which I’ll be putting up in the near future. And, of course, there’s this week’s video.

I didn’t have the benefit of Osada Steve‘s tripod, unfortunately. And even if I’d had the tripod, there wouldn’t have been any place to put it. The dojo was packed. As a result, I didn’t get all the footage I’d have liked. It’s kind of difficult to hold a video camera and a stills camera and use both of them at the same time! So I had to make some difficult choices. Anyway, what you don’t see in the video, you’ll find in the gallery — and vice versa. As a matter of fact, I still have additional footage from last week’s Aiko-chan appearance and I haven’t put up all the footage from this week either. I’ll be saving some of this stuff for when Steve is in Germany.

Which reminds me: This presents me with a perfect opportunity to post two excellent interviews conducted by Osada Steve, one of Miura Takumi and the other of Nureki Chimuo (濡木痴夢男). These are exclusive, one-of-a-kind interviews. Stay tuned.

It looked like Aiko-chan was back to her old self on Saturday. When she’s being bound, it’s kind of interesting, but she often has this frowny face. Every model, it seems, has a different reaction. Asagi Ageha (浅葱アゲハ) always drifts off into sub-space. Others, like Ryo-chan, appear quite stoic. Steve tied up Aiko-chan’s nipples with twine, then used a bamboo pole to elongate said nipples. Let’s just say that Aiko-chan did not react stoically to this treatment.

Other fun things included Steve’s patented suspension (in which the model’s arms are bound behind her back, one elbow pointing up, with both ankles tied off to her thighs) and some rough whipping action. I particularly enjoyed watching Aiko-chan being bound and then slung into the air wearing only her pink panties. As she hung there, with all her limbs immobilized, Steve slid her panties down a bit as sweet Aiko-chan struggled in vain to resist.

In other news, as Osada Steve, Asagi Ageha and I dined at MOS Burger following the show, I learned that Ageha-chan sold 26 pieces of her artwork at Vanilla Gallery in a six-day exhibition and made quite a haul. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl. Now, where did I put that comic book with the art school ad?


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