Golden Girl Ryo-chan in Golden Week Performance


A long time ago I saw an interesting film. It’s been so long I don’t remember much about the story but a guy was riding the train in Tokyo and saw a woman standing nearby holding a hand strap. This caused her coat sleeve to slip down a bit. Nothing unusual about this but the guy was startled to see rope marks on the woman’s wrist. This is where it gets hazy. Somehow, he gets together with the woman and they begin a bondage relationship. There was a good outdoors scene at the end where he hoists her into the air from a tree limb at night in the rain. I wish I knew the title of this movie and the production company. I think it may have been produced by Nikkatsu but I’m not sure.

Anyway, I thought about this as I was riding the train home Saturday evening following Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. You see, sometimes I just take advantage of the luxurious suite Osada Steve lets me use after the performance. It’s very close to the dojo and has all the amenities you could wish for. There isn’t room service but a wonderful new 100 yen store is just an elevator ride away so you can get anything you want there. I especially like to eat junk food while watching high definition TV on the 65-inch plasma.

But Steve has been busy giving private lessons to an out-of-town traveler the last several days and, as a result, the suite was occupied. Plus, I just felt like getting home.

So there I was, walking to the station with the star of the evening, the lovely and busty Ryo-chan, and a Chinese dude who had taken about 90 gigabytes of digital photos that evening. I mean, when he didn’t have his finger on the shutter of one of the two cameras he’d brought, he was busy offloading files to a couple of portable harddrives. Well, you know, Photo Night ain’t exactly cheap. He was just getting his money’s worth — and then some.

Once at the station, the photographer headed in one direction and Ryo-chan and I hopped on the same line and then eventually parted ways in Shinjuku. On our way to Shinjuku, I let Ryo-chan take the last remaining seat, chauvinist that I am. As she was sitting there playing with her cell phone, I saw the rope marks on her wrist. She was wearing long sleeves, but the way some people get so engrossed in their mobiles on the train, I’m sure she didn’t even notice that her sleeve had slipped down, thus revealing the tell-tale marks. Probably didn’t care, either.

Now, I feel like an idiot admitting this, but when I first came over to Japan I was a bit naive about certain things. Yes, you could find bondage magazines in mainstream bookstores. No, you couldn’t find them at 7-11 or a train station newsstand. That’s the first thing I investigated. I must admit, I even used to (discreetly) check out women’s wrists on the trains. But unlike the guy in the movie, I never saw any rope marks. Until this past Saturday, on the Yamanote line, heading towards Shinjuku on a balmy spring evening in Tokyo.

So, by now you know that Ryo-chan was Osada Steve’s play partner for the evening. Honestly, I’ve never seen her look better. She had blonde hair this time (last time it was red) and she was in very good form, indeed. She even did one of her self-bondage routines dressed in a tight-fitting pink t-shirt, shorts and striped stockings. These stockings are all the craze. All the women are wearing them these days combined with short shorts or mini skirts. The stockings go up to just above the knees and are usually seen in black or white.

I have a good chunk of Ryo-chan’s self-bondage routine on video but that’s not the one I’m including with this post. The camera was a little close (need a wide angle adaptor) but it’s not too bad. I’ll probably put it up later. You’ll see more nipple action in this week’s video. In fact, I guess we could call this one nipple shibari.

Speaking of movies, I was trolling the interwebs and came across this link. This is the promotional site for the film, Bakushi. A lot of people in the West seem to be interested in this movie. There’s a short trailer on the site. The movie stars Nureki Chimuo, Yukimura Haruki and someone else whose name escapes me at the moment. I believe I read that the idea for this film began with venerable bondage model and hara kiri performer, Saotome Hiromi.

And speaking of Ms. Saotome, I’ve included here a picture of a DVD cover of a video she appeared in which was produced by Osada Steve. In the video, she is bound by Steve, of course, and also performs her seppuku act. I was at this video shoot but I’ve never seen the DVD. Wonder if they’ve got it at Blockbuster?



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  1. Thank god, that I can find the new pics at this page.
    Hah! And great to have a film again.
    Hey KabukiJoe keep on your good work and yes, sometimes one have to kick Steve a little about the pics.


    Hi Drachenmann! Well, Steve usually beats me with the pics but I think he’s too busy now getting ready for his trip. Have fun over there and thanks for the kind words 🙂 — KJ

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