Deft Touch of the Five Finger Technique


Osada Steve is in Germany so I’m taking this opportunity to put up a gallery of pictures of Aiko-chan from a previous Studio SIX shoot. I usually take between 400 and 800 photos on an average evening at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. I’ve gotten more used to my camera by now and I’m much happier these days with the settings I’ve arrived at through pure trial and error. As a result, I happen to like a much larger percentage of the photos I take of late. The bad part is, I can’t fit all of them into a single gallery.

Same thing goes for the video, which is why I’m putting up a new movie of Aiko-chan I didn’t have space for in the past.

The video reminded me of my comic book-reading days. That was a long time ago and if I hadn’t thrown them all away decades ago, I’d be a lot richer now. But that’s water under the bridge.

These comic books always had ads for mysterious, exoctically-named martial arts. No bully would ever kick sand in your face again if you sent away for the cheap booklet purporting to teach Dim Mak, Ketsugo and, my personal favorite, Yubiwaza. I think Dim Mak is Chinese for death touch or some such thing. Ketsugo sounds Japanese but, I must say, I’ve never heard the word in Japan. Ketsu can mean ass, for what it’s worth.

Then there’s Yubiwaza, or finger technique. That’s got to be the greatest martial art of them all. Destroy your attacker using just your little finger.

Anyway, watching this latest video of Aiko-chan, I saw Steve apply a kind of yubiwaza, just not the type that was advertised in the comic books. This is in conjunction with his favorite newaza. He also lets Aiko-chan have it on her lovely ketsu with the short, bamboo rod known as konjobo.

The only thing missing is the Dim Mak.



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