Rocking the Za — Osada Steve in Yokohama


I have some hard drives lying around and I started wondering what was on them. A couple have completely crapped out. One, a firewire drive, got corrupted, I think. You have to be careful how you “un-mount” these things from your computer. I didn’t know that at the time. So I’ll attribute that drive’s problems to pilot error. Another one, a USB drive, just died for no known reason. These are external drives, of course. I’ve heard that sometimes the problem isn’t the drive itself but, rather, the piece of shit enclosure. So, if you can pry the fucking drive out of the case, you can maybe connect it up and get the data off. Worth a try if you’re ever in this position. It’s on my To Do list.

I noticed that an edit I did of a Randa Mai live show was on one of the good drives. This is really a terrific show and it can be found in its entirety at Just hit the link and scroll down a bit and there it is. I think it’s something like 30 minutes, near DVD quality (640×480). The quality is excellent, especially considering this is a live show in a darkened strip theater environment.

I put up a gallery of some grabs from the video (link below).

Ah, the wonders of the internet. No sooner does Osada Steve get back home from his performance in Yokohama, than he finds pictures of the event already posted on the web. Here’s the link to the pics. The photos are quite small. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, there was an act featuring a mistress and what appears to be three male slaves. You can see her stomping on their balls. Apparently, someone was willing to pay for this. On the other hand, this was just one act. The others were presumably women being tied, as is usually the case.

And now that I’m on the subject, why do people put up sites with microscopically-sized photos? Jesus H. Christ on a fucking pogo stick. It’s the internet you dumbasses. A picture is a few kilobytes. Storage and transfer costs have dropped dramatically. You often find bigger pics in the print media which has much higher production costs.

And now that I’m in a ranting mood, allow me to give you my opinion of mistresses: they leave me cold — and sometimes piss me off. In the first place, I don’t enjoy seeing women dominating other women. This should be the sole province of the male of the species. And it’s such a waste of a good m-jo. Women are also too weak to do a proper bondage show. There’s hoisting involved. It taxes their feeble arm muscles.

Once, I was shooting just such an act. The mistress and her m-jo were out in the audience doing their thing prior to taking the stage. Since I was concentrating on my camera work, I inadvertently got in the way of the mistress and she gave me a shove and a dirty look. I thought that was uncalled for even though I know I was in the wrong for getting in her way. I couldn’t help but think: See you out back, honey. Enjoy your knuckle sandwich.

Lots of live event news in this post. Below is a picture scanned from an Osaka newspaper from back in April when Steve put on his marathon 40 shows in 10 days.

And finally, the video from the performance at Tokyo Decadance is still going strong — now at over 16,000 views. Take a look if you haven’t already.



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