Aiko-chan Heats Up the Dojo in Bittersweet Performance


It was fortunate the air conditioner was in good working order because things heated up fast at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX this past Saturday. The extraordinary Aiko-chan was the guest of honor and Saturday night’s performance was at once sizzling and bittersweet. Even with the A/C going full bore, it wasn’t long before beads of sweat started forming as we watched Osada Steve manhandle Aiko-chan, who was initially attired in an elegant kimono and then stripped completely nude. But all was not sweaty palms and aching groins. Due to her schedule, Aiko-chan will not be seen around Studio SIX for the foreseeable future. You see, she is very much in demand and Saturday is the biggest night in Tokyo for SM events and Aiko-chan is fast becoming a huge draw.

So Aiko-chan’s gain is our loss but we wish her well and hope she returns to Studio SIX sooner rather than later.

Aiko-chan likes pretty colors. From the brilliant tattoos adorning her luscious body to her choice of wardrobe, she aims to dazzle. Regular readers will recall that Aiko-chan once performed in a Chinese dress that perfectly accentuated her female form and challenged the most advanced digital cameras to capture its true magnificence. Saturday night Aiko-chan appeared in a kimono which stirred the imagination and then, thanks to Steve’s swift hands, left little to the imagination.

I once wrote that Aiko-chan sometimes appears pensive. Steve told me that this is undoubtedly due to her tough schedule. She is a regular at a very popular SM club in Tokyo, a show pub to be more precise. Like a lot of people working in Japan, she finds it hard to get enough sleep. Saturday night was completely different. I was amazed at how upbeat she was throughout. Even when Steve beat her like a taiko drummer with not one but two bamboo rods known as konjobo. She was still in a good mood when Steve flashed the single-tailed whip but he quickly adjusted here attitude. She writhed and whelped with each taste of the fiendish leather strap.

The four hours seemed to pass very quickly for me; perhaps not so quickly for Aiko-chan.

Steve decided that he wanted her to experience a new sensation. He had found some thin, scratchy rope which is customarily used by gardeners in Japan. It may be made from the bark of a coconut tree, or perhaps from the coconut itself. So I suppose you could call it coconut rope. I call it semenawa: torture rope. This is not to be confused with straw rope, or aranawa, which is a favorite of mine. You don’t see aranawa used all that often. It is thicker than this coconut rope and lighter in color. You can often see it in the awesome drawings of the artist Ozuma Youko.

Aiko-chan’s diminutive size belies her amazing strength. Her desire is to accept and endure that which is required of her. She once suffered a broken jaw when a hook pulled out of the ceiling during a suspension performance. Just for the record: Osada Steve was not the nawashi at that event. I’m pretty sure a mistress was involved and you already know my opinion in that regard so I won’t bore you further. The point is, once she had healed, Aiko-chan got back in the saddle and continued to delight her fans. I’m sure that in the back of her mind she is comforted by the fact that she can trust the masterful skills of Osada Steve. Also, Steve doesn’t fuck around when it comes to safe and supportive suspension points.

I just double-checked and it appears that the coconut rope photos didn’t make it into the gallery accompanying this post. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this gallery, though. After taking in excess of 600 photos, I found I was able to salvage enough decent pictures to make two galleries, so those particular photos will accompany a future post.

I am also posting a new video and, since we may not be seeing Aiko-chan for awhile, I shot this one with my more sophisticated high definition camera and it’s bigger than the usual size. It will take a bit longer to download but the wait will be worth it.

After Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX we, of course, made our way over to MOS Burger where I learned that the stripper at the club in Chiba is still active and is quite a celebrity in Japan, being one of a handful of women who are capable of firing darts from their pussies with the skill of a ninja. She even wrote a book. After that I sat myself down and watched the show again on Steve’s high definition TV and contemplated the dojo absent the beauty and grace of the adorable Aiko-chan.



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