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About four years ago I thought I’d show some of the regulars at Studio SIX a bit of suburbian underground. So we took two cars on a Sunday afternoon to make the trip to Funabashi in Chiba, seat of Wakamatsu Gekijo. Here’s the report that followed, courtesy of Scotto:

Nestled out in the middle of an otherwise undistinguished residential neighborhood in Chiba, is a fascinating little club called Wakamatsu. The photos of cute, perky women that are under glass next to the entrance are only a hint of what is inside.

The mirror-walled main theater consists of a U-shaped group of benches surrounding the main central stage walkway. This walkway ends in a carpeted 2-meter wide turntable and connects to a wide but shallow main stage. Rigged with an impressive array of spotlights, strobes, follow spots, pattern projectors and glitter balls as well as many overhead anchor points and karabiners, this flexible theater is ready for anything!

The show schedule consists of five performances that rotate throughout four times the day. Admission is 5,000 yen and there were many people coming and going throughout the time we were there.

There were several strip shows which consisted of three-part routines. The girl would come out and dance energetically in a lovely, complex costume. Then she would remove parts of her costume and continue dancing, showing more and more of herself. Then, typically, she would run to the back and change to a very revealing second costume, dance out to the turntable, and really show her stuff there, while rotating slowly for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

She would continue removing items until she showed it all (as well as an inspiring amount of physical flexibility). The ladies were lovely, sexy and very energetic. Following Rie-chan’s show, she sold off a pair of her panties. Gentlemen would play group janken (the Japanese version of Paper, Scissors, Stone) against her and the winner got to take them off her. The guys were usually very shy and reluctant about it. One of them even waited for her to take them off and give them to him! Then she would come back in a skimpy, bottomless outfit and an instant camera, and guys could buy a picture of her (or with her) for 500 yen each.

Of course a horde of several obnoxious gaijin were always up there snapping pictures of each other with her and taking advantage of the opportunity to cop a feel. She stood up under the onslaught cheerfully and autographed the pictures later despite all this.

Besides the very energetic strip shows, there was a “couple show.” This consisted of a rather paunchy guy in a way-too-tiny set of bikini briefs and an extremely young, cute, slightly pudgy girl in a school uniform. She introduced herself shyly with the microphone and told us she was 19 years old. A short while later, she was sucking the guy off with a level of experience far beyond her years!

After a bit of uniform-loosening foreplay and fellatio, the man proceeded to slip on a condom and slip it to her in a variety of positions while they rotated on futons on top of the turntable. She was very vocal and enthusiastic and he pounded away like a trouper. (On a personal note, I applied for the same job as that guy on the way out of the theater but it seems there’s a long waiting list . . . ) A good time was had by all.

The next show was Saotome Hiromi doing her famous self-bondage and seppuku act. This was very graceful with her coming out first in a complete Shinto acolyte’s robe and serving sake to audience members from a sacred pitcher set. Each person served then got to remove the ties and part of her outfit (several layers). Eventually, she was nude and she very quickly wrapped an orange rope around her into a torso web. Then she lighted a red candle and slowly began dripping the wax on herself with abandon. Then she perched on the edge of the stage and gave individual audience members the chance to drip the wax on her. They eagerly dripped the wax all over her thighs, belly, legs and crotch. She went back to the center of the stage, pulled down a triple-pulley hoist from high up near the ceiling, and sat down. In about 3 seconds, she secured a 4-meter piece of rope around her right ankle and calf and clipped it to the hoist. Holding the candle with her legs, she then hoisted herself upside down and high into the air, spinning gently. She continued to drizzle wax down herself while spinning slowly in the air! Finally, she came back down, removed the ropes and stated that she wanted to give her body to the gods (I think that’s it, my Japanese is a little weak). She went back to the center of the main stage and brought out a short dagger and a piece of rice paper. She ceremonially rinsed the dagger with water from the sacred vessel and wiped it clean. Kneeling, she ritually drove the blade into the left side of her stomach and pulled it across to the right, leaving a trail of blood. Then she drew it up and pulled it out. Collapsing to one side, she struggled for breath and then plunged the dagger in once more right into her heart and crumpled slowly onto the stage as the light dimmed out. A wonderfully dramatic performance!

Then came the show we had all been waiting for. A charming lady going by the name of Nana brought out two blindfolded women on leashes, wearing filmy negligees. She invited Osada Steve to give a guest presentation and he stepped up onto the stage. Steve took his partner Asagi Ageha and masterfully bound her, then suspended her and worked her over on the main stage.

MEANWHILE, on the central runway stage, Nana was working over Ami. Ami was stripped, bound tightly and had hot wax applied expertly. Then she was hooked to the upper karabiner and with one leg raised, was flogged and spun around. MEANWHILE, Steve was still working over Asagi Ageha, who was now suspended high up, but was having her legs alternately opened, then crossed. Then, she was tilted into a head down position and subjected to some serious molestation. MEANWHILE, Nana lowered Ami back down, untied her and ran backstage for a moment to get a strap-on.

MEANWHILE, Osada Steve was giving Asagi Ageha a good flogging. THEN, Nana forced the kneeling Ami to suck the strap-on and get it good and wet. Then took Ami doggy-style with the strap-on and pumped her good! Then I fell to the floor, cross-eyed and convulsing from trying to watch both of these fantastic shows at once! Too much to handle!

There was much more – the Lebanese midget acrobats, the Clydesdale horses, and the whipped-cream lesbian muff-diving, but it’s getting late and I’ve got to work tomorrow so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. A fantastic set of shows by truly excellent and enthusiastic performers. And Osada Steve, of course, at the top of his form – working with such a smooth professionalism that he makes it all look so easy. He’s really popular at that place.

If anyone is thinking of taking another little “field trip” out there sometime, I’ll be sure to join again. Just let me know.



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  1. Scotto, great article as usual. Scotto a newbie question if I may. Im a mild mannered 45 you American. Ive recently retired and plan on spending significant time in Tokyo a city and people Ive grown to admire. Anyway, would I be (un)welcome in visiting some of the clubs you write about? Cheers, Andy.

  2. Mr. Won Hung Low AKA Paul on

    Well, I can tell you that a similar tour in Singapore would last about 69 seconds! Ahhh… it sucks to live life vicarously through your blog! I need to get to Tokyo!


  3. This place kinds of remind me about a place out near Kawagoe, just up from Fussa. Out of the way, nothing that would indicate it was a strip gekijo…You walk up the place and you swear the place looks like a farm. But once you are inside its a whole new story… The great thing about this place is it is not gaijin heavy if you go, you will probably the only one there who is a gaijin… And it def is not easy to find.. I got lucky one day and found it by word of mouth…

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