Studio SIX – 10th Anniversary (10周年)


Mania Collector

NuitdeTokyo reports:

After yet another grueling 12-hour Shibari shoot with Sugiura Norio (杉浦則夫), where Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) did the tying and I did the coiling, I was checking my auction account and had a pleasant surprise.

I had been hunting for issue #2 of M女マニアCollector (The Mania Collector of Submissive Women), and there it was, up for bidding. “Mania Collector” was a short-lived SM/fetish magazine in 1998/1999.

Issue #4, by the way, features an article about the Bondage Bar in Shinjuku – the place to be in the late ‘90s. Legend has it, that it was here where Osada Steve first met his shisho (師匠): the venerable Osada Eikichi (長田英吉) sensei.

The story focuses on Osada Eikichi’s weekly performances at the bar. (Translation below.)

It wasn’t until April, 2000, when Osada Eikichi moved his Osada Seminar to Steve’s place. In other words, Studio SIX Tokyo is celebrating its 10th anniversary (10周年) this month.

Here now the translation of the article:
SM Bar Study Group

Directly from the SM cram school Osada Seminar

Initiation to the essence of fetishism

Host: Bondage Bar

Every Friday, fans of SM are congregating to a building across the street from Shinjuku 2-chome (ndt: Tokyo’s famous gay district featuring 300+ lesbian and homo bars).

Here, starting at 8pm sharp, it is show time for Osada Sensei, a grand master of SM for more than 40 years.

Osada Sensei started Osada Seminar in 1975, and represents the quintessence of SM. In particular the kinbaku (緊縛) of Osada Sensei is quick, beautiful and of a high technical level. For the fans, the interest is in the beauty and technique of the master’s tying skills, and the spectacle of a submissive girl, enraptured by the ropes, suspended in the air is an absolutely must-see.

All submissive girls who want to do a session with the Sensei are amateurs. This must be a pleasant way of enjoying the week, one day at a time.

So, what kind of place is the Bondage Bar? During the afternoon, it’s a café with an SM theme. In the evening it’s “pub time” when the real action starts.

There a S girls and M girls, as well as switches on the premises ready to entertain visitors. Customers seeking more intense and private action can retreat to a nearby”play room” for a session with a woman of their choice – at extra charge, of course.

Every Friday night, Osada Eikichi sensei will give a performance. This time, the model is Miss J. She is wearing a red juban (kimono undergarment) and respectfully kneels before the Sensei . . .

There is theatrical feel to the scene. The fast rope comes out flying, and then, one by one, the layer of clothes covering the body are let go. The red rope envelops the voluptuous body of Miss J in all directions at the same time.

At some point, the right leg of Miss J goes up in the air and candle wax is poured on her thigh. Illuminated by the candle, a black leather whip comes down with a cracking sound.

Miss J now has her two legs up in the air while a pole fixed to her ankles ensures that her legs stay apart. Hips raised, but her shoulders still touching the floor, more red candle wax is poured on the woman’s breast in semi-suspension. The breathing of Osada Sensei and Miss J are now in tune.

As the show approaches its climax, Miss J is now completely suspended and swiveling through the air. Her body is strictly tied.

A mix of pleasure and pain enraptures Miss J, and the Sensei, with all his heart, extends plenty love to the submissive girl with his whip. “Swish . . . swish . . . swish.” With each stroke of the whip, the Sensei roars like a brave lion “Haaar! . . . Haaar! . . . Haaar!” Mixed with the sound of rapid whipping and manly roars are the yelps of the voluptuous Miss J: “Ha-a-aaa, huh-u-huh”.

The show lasts approximately one hour. When I interviewed Miss J afterwards, you could still feel from her the remnants of the intense pleasure and pain she just went through.

Clearly, Osada Sensei is no ordinary person . . .


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