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Just in time for the Holiday Season comes this deluxe collection of fine shibari/kinbaku DVDs, some containing diversions beyond the application of rope.

Special Bundles:

Get your choice of three for JPY 4,000 each, and the shipping is free.*

Get all six for JPY 3,000 each, and free shipping.*

*Offers expire by December 31, 2011.

+Each DVD can also be purchased individually for ¥4,500 plus ¥1,000 s&h (international express, tracking provided).

++Just send a mail stating the items you wish to order.

AV actress

Akane-chan, at the sprightly age of 21, is a successful AV actress having starred in feature films playing in a theater near you (Nikkatsu “hitozuma” series) and in a multitude of porn flicks.

In this rare footage she submits to Osada Steve as if it were her second nature. The DVD includes Steve’s trademark newaza, followed by hashirazuri & ijime, followed by heavy whipping.

Asagi Ageha

Only two other women come to mind when watching Asagi Ageha: Cleopatra and Tani Naomi (谷なおみ). With close to a thousand performances with Osada Steve under her obi, Asagi Ageha today is the undisputed self-suspension queen of Japan, dazzling the crowds from Sydney to Paris, Berlin to London.

This rare video footage shows our heroine submitting to the advances of Osada Steve at his weekly Kinbaku Live @ Studio SIX events. Watch her being driven into lustful abandon in Steve’s trademark newaza session. In scene #2 our heroine is subjected to a strict vertical suspension. The DVD concludes with various hojojutsu ties.


Juli-chan has been one of the most popular subs at Studio SIX, and after watching this DVD you will know why. She is a very sensual woman who fully appreciates Steve’s caressing style of newaza, and she is also always ready for heavy whipping and abuse. Juli-chan is a very versatile sub that you would play for keeps.


Kiku-chan is your ultimate dream woman with plenty of soft spots in all the right places. Eager to please she’ll accept any abuse you throw at her, responding with heartbreaking yelps and lots of tears. This DVD features rare ganji garame footage, eronawa, and a generous amount of impact play.


Kotone-chan ranks among the toughest and bravest subs, which makes her just the right material for a suspension expert like Osada Steve. In this DVD you will see her abused to the limit, including relentless candle wax torture, single-tail whipping, magic wand play, and a heavy dose of discipline and domination.


Starring the delightful Yuna-chan, this DVD comes (just like the Kotone DVD) with a story line and was made for Japan-wide video shop distribution. In it you see the very malleable yuna-chan at the receiving end of abuse and devilish attacks, including candle wax torture and whipping.


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