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Osada Eikichi in 1993, sporting his best wig

The following bio is courtesy of NuitdeTokyo who found the Japanese version somewhere on the Net.

Bio of Osada Eikichi sensei

1925, March 15: Born in Tochigi Prefecture
1965: Establishes Osada Seminar at ballet school Ars Nova in front of Asagaya station in Suginami-ku.

During the same period is running a series of events on the second floor of a car garage owned by Tamai Keiyu (玉井敬友), a well known playwright and theater director who wrote a number of plays about – and was closely associated with – Ito Seiyu (伊藤晴雨). (If you wanted a link in the tradition, here it is.)

Osada Eikichi initiates a number of joint events, starting with performances at the Sekai Gekijo in Nishi-Ogikubo.

1970: Osada Eikichi opens the mahjong salon “Lotus” near Kanda station which will operate for two years and also serve as a Shibari Studio. It is said that some girls who liked to be tied before the actual Shibari events in the evening were tied up in the mahjong salon and left there for the day, “as a preparation for the event” as Osada Eikichi put it.

1978: Osada Eikichi is moving his performance act to the strip theater circuit, starting at the Dotonburi Gekijo in Shibuya.

1980: Osada Eikichi starts giving monthly shows at the Blue Chateau, an SM Club started by Shodaiki Mari (初代癸マリ) until the closure of the club in 1988.
At the same time, Osada Eikichi provides Shibari training to several dominatrices. Among them, Mistress Kitajo Koyako (北条小夜子) who was on the staff of the Blue Chateau (some remastered DVDs of her are still available).

Organizes Osada Seminar events in various Ryokan, first close to Mukojima Hyakkaen, then in Ueno Nekkaitei, The Inn of Tropical Seas (熱海亭) and in Bunkyo-ku. Zado Mazo (佐土魔造), a writer for SM Select, precursor to SM Sniper magazine, is a frequent visitor.

1983: Osada Eikichi starts to appear at Samm Pub, a high-class, high-priced SM Club in Roppongi run by Masuyama Shigeru (賀山茂). (Samm Pub started in 1981, was to be the precursor of the Samm Video house which produced SM videos, later changing its name to HMP and closing in 2001).

Around the same time, Osada Eikichi is appearing at Ikebukuro Sky, a strip theater located where the BIC Camera store now stands. His partner is Mori Miki (森美樹) who starts the show by doing self-bondage before the maestro joins her on stage. In those days the SM shows in theaters used to last 40 minutes, with 5 rotations per day.

Osada Eikichi was also associated with other models, particularly Akane and others from the RA Kikaku model agency.

1984: Osada Eikichi produces a movie called Orgasm (オルガズム).

1986: Osada Eikichi starts doing shows with the legendary Saotome Hiromi (早乙女宏美), who had starred in SM Nikkatsu films since 1984. These shows were featured 20 days per month from 1986 to 1989. Saotome Hiromi was introduced to Osada Eikichi by Toki Masao (藤木正夫) of Nude Model Productions who also supplied models for various photo books around that time.

1990: Manager at the strip theater Tsurumi Shinsekai.
May 28: Runs a special event at Le Pierre (in Ikebukuro) with Saotome Hiromi.

1991 & 1992: Manager at the strip theater Wakamatsu Gekijo in Funabashi.
1992, Oct 10: Suffers a cerebral attack and is hospitalized. During his stay he will frequently escape to practice Shibari which is said to help with his recovery.
1993, June 3: Opening of the SM Pub Black and White on the first floor of the Coco Hotel in Otsuka. Osada Eikichi does the opening performance with Saotome Hiromi and stays on for two months as advisor while performing SM shows.
1993, Nov-Dec: Does regular shows at the SM Pub Doga in Shibuya.

1993: Shows at the SM Club Barajujikan (薔薇十時館) in Kyoto.
1994, Apr 20: Photo shoot at the Coco Hotel for the weekly publication Taishu (週刊大衆).
1994, Oct 1-10 and Nov 21-30: Twenty days of shows at the Dotonbori Gekijo in Shibuya. Model is Aoi Ruri aka Blue Lapis Lazuli (葵瑠璃).

1995 Jan 21-31: show at Ueno Star with Katsuraki Ayano (桂木綾乃) (SM actress still active today).
Feb/March: Shows at Shinjuku DX
Apr 11-20: Shows at the Mikado Gekijo in Ikebukuro with Shinozaki Hana (篠崎花)

July 11-20: Shows at the Shinsei DX Fushimi in Kyoto with members of the SM Club Aman from Nagoya, and Kisara Sashino (如月志乃).

Sept: Shows at Shibuya OS
1996, Aug-Nov: “My SM Life” published in SM Mania in four installments.
Sept: Opening of the Bondage Bar in Shinjuku, stays for 2 months as in-house advisor. Opening party show with Setsuna Shino (刹奈紫之), an SM actress/director well known for specializing in hardcore scat movies, especially for the label Aroma Kikaku.
1997, May: Show at Black and White in Otsuka (model: Kisara Sashino).
Aug 21-30: Ten days of shows with Saotome Hiromi at Omiya Gekijo.
Oct 21-31: Ten days of shows with Saotome Hiromi at Tsurumi Shinsekai Gekijo.
1998, July 27: Show at Loft Plus One with Saotome Hiromi. Sekijitsu Akane also performs.
1998-1999: Weekly shows at the Bondage Bar in Shinjuku every Friday. Initially with the staff girls.
On a certain Friday, Osada Steve (in those days going by the name of Dr. D. Vice) walks in. The rest is history.

Now read the rest as per Osada Steve’s recollections.

1999: Arranged for Osada sensei to do weekly shows at the Mistress Bar in Roppongi. Initially helped with stage preparations, then became part of the act.

2000, April: Grand opening of Studio SIX, after converting my photography studio into a show space for Osada Eikichi sensei.

November: Sensei had a stroke in the morning, then did the last show of his life in the evening. Was hospitalized the next day and spent the rest of his life in various homes for the elderly until his death on September 12, 2001.

Each night, after the guests had left, I was preparing the stage for the next day. Often times Osada Eikichi sensei would then say, “Steve, after I die you must do my shows until you master them 100%. After that you should find your own style.”

In those days doing Shibari for a living was the furthest from my mind. I was quite content with my role as deshi and climbing up the skill ladder at my own pace. Yet, soon Osada Eikichi sensei’s health would deteriorate and I found myself taking over his shows.

It was during that period that someone in the entourage came up with the idea of preserving the Osada name, and a process was started to make me the officially designated successor to Osada Eikichi sensei. Many “industry” figures were consulted with Oda Hisashi sensei leading the way as chief emissary. Soon after September 2001, the press started coming to check out what that gaijin nawashi was all about . . . and I became famous overnight — not because I was such a great guy and hotshot rigger, but because of the lifetime achievements of Osada Eikichi sensei.


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