Kiss Me Slander


All I ever asked was for the attacks to stop.

                                                                    Osada Steve


CAUTION: This post contains foul language. Parental discretion advised.


The other day I received a message that looked like an olive branch but was just another bait mail with some buttering up on the front end. It came from a person who, for the past six years, has been e-mailing people fabricated claims that I “stole” the Osada name.

Below is the complete exchange, just to show how much vile goes around on planet Earth these days.

Well, nothing follows here because a certain Tatu has invoked DMCA and I have been forced to take this page down.

In the meantime there is an excellent article residing here. It shows that the Osada name transfer happened with the full consent of Osada Eikichi — rather than someone “grabbing” it after his death on a first-come first-served basis. Academics, researchers, and fact checkers are welcome to contact Oda Hisashi, who acted as the main facilitator and emissary at that time, direct.


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