Osada Eulogy in SM Sniper

SM Sniper cover page January 2002

SM Sniper cover page
January 2002


Shortly after Osada Eikichi (長田英吉) had passed away in September of 2001, SM Sniper paid us a visit for a major write-up. “Us” in this case is yours truly and three of sensei’s previous show partners, including the legendary Saotome Hiromi (早乙女宏美).

For posterity I am dropping in the entire article. To my dismay the English translation hasn’t survived multiple computer and OS upgrades. I am not sure which is to blame more for losing this text, my computer illiteracy or my general stupidity. Technically speaking, I am not as stupid as I used to be. In fact, if politically correct language is applied, I am not stupid at all. I am just intellectually impaired.

Now, if you can’t read the scanned text because of all those strange characters, I recommend to check out the various language courses offered by “Japanese In 15 Seconds” that are specially designed for busy people and quick studies. The good news: You can sit back and listen to the entire interview in English here: http://kinbakunomicon.libsyn.com/07-the-wind-beneath-my-rings

Alert readers will note that the photos in the article are by Dr D Vice (unless mentioned otherwise) but that the words put into ink are coming from Osada Steve (長田スティーブ). The former used to be my kink reporter/photographer nom de plume, while the latter is my nawashi name that identifies me as the designated successor of Osada Eikichi sensei.









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  1. Me too. I sent a copy to a Japanese friend who speaks great English but it’s been months and nothing 🙁 I think a certain odious slanderer should have a copy certainly 😉

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