Sniper DVD Follow-up


I’ve had a chance to look at the five videos on the recently released Sniper DVD. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to watch them all the way through but I think I got a feel for all of them.

First, with regard to my own efforts, I see what Steve meant when he pointed out the “black holes.” Basically, this is what I do: When there’s a dramatic change in content, I like to do a fade to black and then a fade-in to the next part. I think this works well.

However, towards the end of the vid, there were two or three of these “black holes” that just shouldn’t have been there. Simply wrong. Should have just done a cross fade in those places. What was I thinking?  I don’t know.

The most professional-looking of the vids was the one by Miura Takumi. Breathtaking. However, content trumps everything, I guess, and my buddy here in Tokyo who is an expert on this stuff, wasn’t impressed. He thought the style would have been appropriate for a short teaser clip but not a longish video like this was. And he had this to say:

I thought as far as presenting a sample of one’s work in a short segment goes, Steve’s was the best…your editing job was just what was required…

Thanks for that unsolicited endorsement (ahem). Just so you know, my pal is a big fan of Shima Shikou’s and Mira Kurumi’s.

One more thing: Sniper magazine says Miraclemi. I changed this in my previous post to MiracleEmi which I thought was a little easier to read. As it turns out this is, in fact, Mira Kurumi. I don’t know if this is an example of katakana English or if this is, indeed, a name he goes by.

Hopefully, we’ll all learn a thing or two as this blog moves forward.



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