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Asagi Ageha Ever get into one of those moods? You know, the one where you want to tie up your girl and take pictures. But the not regular, run-of-the-mill pics you usually take. No, this time you’re in one of those moods. Now you feel like doing something a little different, unique. A break from the routine.

You’re in an artsy fartsy mood so, instead of taking the regular color pics, you make ’em black and white. Voila! You’ve just graduated from porn to art. Congratulations.

All right, I’ll admit I don’t know anything about photography and I suppose composition and depth of field play some part in creating these artsy fartsy masterpieces. But personally, I prefer color. Life is in color after all. The only time I can put up with black and white is with those old, classic photos. But that was before color photography was invented. Or it was too expensive to print lots of color photos in a magazine.

These days, especially on the Web, the cost of color vs. black and white is a non-issue.

Nevertheless, we aim to please around here so for all you artistes out there, some pics from a recent shoot with Asagi Ageha. I must admit, she looks good even in black and white.



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