The Amazing Yuuki


Yuuki I’m currently editing a Studio SIX show which features Yuuki as the model. Yuuki is a very pretty and petite young girl who is as flexible as a gymnast. She especially loves to be tied up as tightly as possible into a little ball. And Steve grants her request in this tremendous show.

Yuuki also appears in some of the photos in the gallery I posted earlier about the Hogtied and Waterbondage shoots. You will know it’s Yuuki by her incredible flexibility. She seems to be made out of rubber!

I almost had to cut out an entire segment of Yuuki’s performance which would have been a shame since it was an incredible display of Shibari and endurance. The reason? There was some music playing in the background on Steve’s stereo. We have had to forego some material in the past because of copyright concerns.

But this time I just couldn’t let this footage end up on the cutting room floor. So, with some digital hocus pocus, we now have a new soundtrack, so to speak, and the music is no more.

Here are some photos to whet your appetite for the videos to come. These are only from the last one or two segments. There are actually four videos in all.



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