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It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it!

I’m currently editing a series of shows Steve put on in London with Asagi Ageha during their most recent trip to Europe. Normally, I cut things down a bit. I tend, for example, to cut out most of the un-tying stuff. But this first show had a very nice flow. It reminded me of the Randa Mai show I recently edited. As a result, there’s going to be one, long video here.

Well, to watch these things you’re going to need a good broadband connection anyway and I think Steve’s got these vids on a pretty good streaming server so, hopefully, it won’t be a problem for most people.

After the first show, Ageha put on her self-bondage act. This one’s a little shorter but, once again, I let it run from beginning to end without any edits.

The location of these shows was interesting. I wasn’t there in London with them so I can only go by what I’m seeing in the video. The place looks like a warehouse. In fact, it sounds like a warehouse. Judging from the enthusiastic and sustained applause at the end of the shows, there must have been quite a few people in attendance.

The way things are going these days, I was a little surprised Ageha was allowed to appear topless. I kind of expected to see that ridiculous black tape crossing her nipples. Then again, maybe they were just pushing the envelope a bit.

I’m not sure if this was the same trip, but somewhere along the line Steve and Ageha did some outside bondage in France with the Eiffel tower as a backdrop. I’ll have to look around here and see if I have that tape to edit.

In the meantime, here are some vid captures of the action in London:



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  1. This is great stuff! Where in London did this take place? Also, on the second picture from the left (top), how are the knots on the chest tied? Im really interested. Has Steve (or anyone) written any books by the way?


  2. I’m not exactly sure where the event took place. Apparently, either the event or the locale is called “Just Rope.”

    How are the knots tied? Beats me. It’s Steve’s “secret sauce.” But if you fly to Tokyo he’ll give you private lessons and let you in on some of the secrets 🙂

    As far as books, hmmm, good question. There are some instructional books out there in English but I don’t have the titles handy. Steve has some instructional videos. Hit the link on the left that says Trailer.

    Whoops. My bad. Those aren’t instructional videos but, rather, performance videos. I think Steve might be putting out some instructional videos in the future. In the meantime, I believe he has some How Tos featuring Randa Mai.

  3. Yes, the organisation this took place is a rope bondage group called JuSTrope (www.justrope.co.uk) held in northwest London in August 2006. It took place in a large function hall above a pub.

    I had the pleasure of watching both Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha perform at this event. It was a very dynamic and graceful series of performances, finishing with Ageha’s amazing self suspension. The speed and skill at which both Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha worked was wonderful to watch.

    After these performances there was a 5 hour rope party for all attendees and other rope lovers who hadn’t come to the performances. During this party Osada Steve did another suspension scene, this time on my partner “ska” to show that he could suspend a stocky male just as easily as he had suspended Ageha.

    Osada Steve has kindly given permission for me to show pictures from this on my website http://www.MENinROPE.com just check under “Guest Galleries” and then “Osada Steve”

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