Milk Maid Miyuki


Miyuki-chan This is one of the roughest of Steve’s videos I’ve edited so far. Miyuki just loves to be pushed around, kicked, slapped and generally dominated.

It should go without saying, but let me state it here so there’s no confusion in the future: There’s a difference between being kicked and slapped by just anyone and being kicked and slapped by a seasoned professional. In the first case, you wind up with scratches and bruises and maybe a trip to the ER. In the latter, you get a fine movie worthy of two cocks up and afterwards everyone goes out and parties.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I will mention that Steve also made liberal use of every whip he owned at the time this video was shot. Miyuki, wrists bound overhead, dances to the tune of the crack of the cat, the single-tailed snake and even the bullwhip.

You will also see Miyuki lactating during the course of the video. I have only seen this happen with one other model. When Steve realized what was going on, milk was soon shooting all over the dojo.

If you pay attention, you will also see that Miyuki has a swastika carved into the flesh of her belly. This, I heard, is courtesy of the bitches over at Jail Tokyo (or was it Jail Roppongi?). She has an even bigger one carved into her back. I’m not sure if she received these two mementos at the same time.

No word on whether these symbols represent her devotion to a particular theological aesthetic or if they have a somewhat more nefarious connotation. Whatever the answer, this video leaves few questions in the mind of the viewer. All is revealed in this honest portrayal of a young girl willingly submitting body and soul to the designs of her master.



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  1. Hey Joe,

    My money’s on Miyuki’s ‘swavastika’ being perfectly benign, but perhaps intended in part to prompt a reaction among unsuspecting Gaijin. 🙂

    Miyuki’s cutting is left-facing, which in the centuries-old Buddhist appropriation of the crossed blade symbol represents woman, or the feminine principle. Hitler’s swastika was taken from the Nordic variation, which was right-facing. In the original Sanskrit the same would have been called a swastika (from which we get our designation, the German is ‘Hackenkreutz’) and would have stood for the masculine principle.

    So, unless you’ve flipped the images there appears to be less that’s sinister to Miyuki’s ornamentation and more that might be understood as daring, sophisticated and a kind of inside joke on our Western touchiness. Props to Miyuki – hot and smart.

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