Coming Soon: Nami-chan


I’m now working on a shoot featuring the lovely Nami-chan. I’ve got rough cuts done of two tapes so far. I still have one more tape to get into the computer and, after that, a few more hours of work before these will be Web ready. There are three or four excellent shows from just these first two tapes.

Osada Steve generally tends to start things off with newaza and he doesn’t disappoint here. After tying Nami-chan into a tight little ball, he then proceeds to rope her arms behind her back in an extremely tight bind. You should see the look on Nami-chan’s face. In fact, I think some of the pics below illustrate what I’m saying quite well.

Nami-chan then goes into the air and Steve ties her so that she’s completely spread out and helpless. Bound hand and foot while swinging and spinning.

From the video, I can see at least a couple of guys shooting pictures and at least two videographers. This must have been picture night at Studio Six. I notice that sweet Nami-chan is quite moist from being bound and displayed in such a lewd manner.

Two cocks up for this one as well.



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