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Twenty years to date, in 1999, I had arranged weekly performances for grandmaster Osada Eikichi at the Mistress Bar in Roppongi. During those shows, I first started to become part of Osada sensei’s stage act. More precisely, today (May, 2019) I am celebrating my 20th anniversary as a rope performer.

From March 2003 to November 2005, I gave weekly performances at a club called Jail Tokyo that was owned by Oda Hisashi Sensei. That’s about ten dozen shows, one of which can be watched in the video clip on this page.

With rising popularity, I would soon take my shows from club level to larger stages in so-called nudo gekijo / ヌど劇場 theaters all over Japan, with an average of four gigs a day.

Not long thereafter I began to produce and/or act in about 500 SM/kinbaku videos before focusing almost exclusively on teaching and running the Osada-ryu conglomerate.


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