Petals and Thorns — The Return of Aya-chan


Aya-chanWe have a report of the latest Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. The author of this report shall remain nameless until I have releases, signed and notarized (in triplicate) that it’s okay to use the name (even though I’m 99.9 percent sure his handle is a nomme-de-guerre). KabukiJoe

It was lovely to see Aya-chan again. It had been some time.

Osada Steve performed at least four sets with her. She didn’t seem to flag at all. One set was particularly impressive. It started out as floor bondage. Aya-chan was kneeling. Steve-san tied one arm behind her head so that her elbow was pointing up. The other arm was tied behind her back close to the body.

One leg, knee bent, was tied in front, the other tied in back. With each iteration the surprisingly flexible Aya-chan was tied into an ever tighter triangular package until she looked like an onigiri with intricate rope patterns in the place of nori. And then Steve- san suspended her. You can see how it looked from the back as she was spun around in one of the pictures.

I also liked Steve-san’s creative use of a flower bouquet. He did a floor tie with her lying on her back, tying Aya-chan’s body in a diamond pattern, and he placed the bouquet in her crotch. He then tied her thighs above and below the bouquet, wedging it in there. Steve-san then proceeded to whip her breasts and thighs. But as a finale, he whipped the bouquet, scattering rose petals over Aya-chan’s body.

A lovely touch.



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