Bullied in Bondage


Nami-chan As can be seen from the pictures, we were honored by the presence of Nami-chan. She is a real cutie with a beautiful face and a silent yet captivating expression. A real treat, that’s for sure.

Since Osada sensei always has some surprises for us, he changed the schedule for this night: Instead of the usual newaza opener, he got started with a half-suspended hogtie-like pattern, letting blindfolded Nami-chan stumble around helplessly (as far as the rope tied to the suspension point would allow any stumbling).

Nami-chan was entirely gone and the picture was beautiful. Somehow, the pattern looked different tonight. I cannot tell whether or not my perception is accurate, but there was something extremely erotic in the rough and asymmetrical structure of the rope holding Nami-chan down in her cowering position. It had a raw, heart-pounding appeal.

The second set was a yoko-zuri (sideways suspension). After knotting the harness around her chest and fixing it at the suspension point, Steve gently lifted up the left leg, then the right leg and, in quick order, Nami-chan dangled from the ceiling. Usually, a suspension set takes about 20 minutes — this one took nearly 30 minutes.

While Nami-chan was suspended, Steve bent her legs, putting her into a round shape with her legs closely tied to her body. I really like this pattern. Not only does it look very sexy due to the way the body is controlled, held and supported by the ropes, but also since it can more easily be captured on tape.

The duration of the suspension was incredible. If I remember correctly, it was the longest suspension I had seen for some time. Nami-chan was floating in realms way beyond my comprehension and she, too, seemed to have lost track of time.

Her body followed every subtle hint Steve made to get her into yet another shape and position. It was awesome to watch Steve as he worked the rope with this concentrated look on his face. Lots of determination on his part and lots of emotion on the part of Nami-chan.

The next set showed some newaza with emphasis on intricate patterns on Nami-chan’s back. The complicated structure and the many layers of rope were mind-boggling and I had to focus hard on my job to avoid losing myself in the hypnotic slings, twists and turns the rope made. “If someone loves rope, he can watch a bondage like this for hours,” Steve once told me. I always remember this when I see patterns of this type.

While getting yet another rope, a piece of red cloth stuck to the rope. Steve just used that cloth as well and, inspired by this incident I suppose, added the red rope and the violet rope for good measure.

Things really got started when Steve, using the pulley, created the blue-kimono-stretch bondage. I nearly forgot watching after the cameras when he started fixing Nami-chan’s leg upward and, in several steps, putting it higher and higher. It ended in a yoko-zuri but with one leg tied to the ring that was fixed to the pulley and the other leg ended up with a calf-to-upper-leg tie.

It was wonderful to watch Nami-chan, as she slowly spun around and every angle of this wonderful bondage pattern was displayed to the delighted audience. The last set was what Steve called ijime shibari , “bullying shibari”. Ijime is a term to describe harassing or bullying someone, especially among school kids.

The pattern was minimalist: Nami-chan’s elbows were bound together tightly behind her back. Then Steve started pushing and shoving her around, pulling the rope and thereby increasing the pressure to various parts of her body. She was sighing and breathing pretty heavily due to the harsh treatment, but her hard nipples told the true story, I think.

I am already looking forward to next week when, in addition to the one and only Osada sensei, Tatsu-otoko and his smoking hot Nicole will throw in a special performance.

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, be there and make kaomise (showing your face) because it will be some time before you see such high-class-bondage in one place again.



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