The Bleeding Edge


Misa-chan Finally, I arose from my futon and started to assemble the impressions of Saturday night. It will hardly be feasible to write an adequate report on the events, since we are talking about nine hours of pure action. Everything started with gorgeous Misa-chan at Studio SIX, enriched by a special performance featuring Drachenmann and Nicole and then continued at Loft Plus One with several high quality events, covering a really wide range of scenes from the subculture.

Misa-chan has performed with Osada Steve on several occasions. She has modeled at Studio SIX and has participated in one of Steve’s notorious movie productions. So she knew what to expect and I don’t think she was not disappointed.

Steve started out with a newaza pattern that he has been using quite often recently. I described this before as his rodeo-style pattern. Misa-chan’s legs and wrists were tied together and fixed to an extension of the suspension point, so that she lay on her back and could easily be turned around to present her most private areas to the interested customers.

To spice things up, Steve fixed a rope to her panties and stretched them by tying the other end to the suspension point. Nice and sexy. Not only was she bound hand and foot, but her panties also were tied, enabling the audience to peep through the thin layer of cloth to get a glimpse of…well, you get the idea.

I expected the second session to be a suspension, but Steve once again fooled me. Misa-chan was standing, but this time she got a very special treatment: Not only was she completely helpless, but she was also pleasured with a powerful vibrator tightly attached between her legs. It was nearly more than she could take, yet she quite obviously enjoyed her helpless, bound and blindfolded sweet misery.

I am always amazed by the multitude of possibilities of using rope to tie people up, tie things to them, suspend them, and so on. But just as amazing is the human body. I have rarely seen pussy lips as swollen as hers after the vibrator treatment.

After the first two sets, it was time for a special treat: Drachenmann and Nicole threw in a bondage and SM performance in the German style. I have to admit that I developed a feeling of melancholy seeing the two of them after living here in Japan for nearly nine months. Drachenmann and Nicole have a lot of experience, not only with nearly everything that seems to exist in the colorful world of human sexuality and what lies beyond, but also with live stage performances.

We saw a very long suspension utilizing red rope and, finally, I got to see some naked Caucasian flesh after all this time. In contrast to the way Steve leads his models (smoothly, with gentle proddings to get them into the correct positions) this was a rougher, involving brusk pushes and shoves.

But from their expressions, it was very obvious they were re-living and refining a hundred previous performances and enjoying every minute (as was the audience). After fixing Nicole with a chest harness (which became part of the suspension later on), it was time for some hardcore action. Needles and even a sharp knife came into play.

Three needles in each breast, close to the nipples and nicely placed one above the other, creating three perfectly aligned rows of agony. Drachenmann occasionally teased Nicole by running his fingernails above the metal parts underneath her skin, causing her to shiver with pain — and pleasure.

Some customers, in contrast to Nicole, seemed uneasy as each additional needle was produced. Even Misa-chan seemed to feel Nicole’s pain. The atmosphere at Studio SIX became pensive and thick with anticipation. Even I, heavily involved in camera work, became aware of this. Then Drachenmann drew a knife and everyone held his breath.

Two swift strokes to each of Nichole’s heaving breasts. Four quick flashes of the blade — movements that could barely be discerned by the human eye — followed by thin red lines where, just seconds before, there had only been smooth white flesh.

With the needles still in her tits, the bondage action continued. Nicole was hoisted up until she was floating in midair, held tightly by the red ropes, for an extended period of time. Drachenmann lifted her legs, lowered her body, and moved her into several positions.

The contrast between Steve and Misa-chan and Drachenmann and Nicole is difficult to describe. Misa-chan is an extremely slender girl and quite small. I doubt her body weight exceeds 40 kilograms. Steve, on the other hand, is very tall and weighs at least twice as much as Misa-chan. Nicole is taller than me (ok, big deal, I’m not that tall) but Nicole is quite tall even for a Western woman and, naturally, heavier than tiny Misa-chan.

Still, Drachenmann handled her weight and height with ease. The highlight was when he stood on Nichole while she was suspended. He appeared to be surfing with this buxom bound woman as his surfboard.

After the guest performance, we had another two sets with Misa-chan. The second of which focused on a shinai fuck (a shinai is the bamboo sword used in kendo). This bizarre activity was a perfect send-off for what was to come later that evening at Loft Plus One in the Kabukicho section of Shinjuku.

Several of us from the Kinbaku Live Night performance at Studio SIX headed over to the all-night birthday party for Mira Kurumi, an event which promised even more bizarre rituals.

The night was still young.




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