Bamboo Bondage and a Blonde


Kicca-chan I’m a bit partial to jet black hair but every now and then you’ll see a Japanese girl walking around with dyed blonde hair. Most of the time it looks pretty good. I’m not as crazy about all the chicks with brown hair, though. That seems to be the most popular fashion craze these days but I can’t help but think that most of these women would look better with their natural color.

I forgot about those tall black boots. Those are all over the place, too, although I suppose we’ll see less of them as the weather gets warmer. That’s not entirely a bad thing as hemlines rise even more in the sultry summer months. If you thought the girls wore short skirts in the winter, just wait until August!

Steve has been busy tying up wenches in his Dojo of Doom. Of course, there was Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX on Saturday. I’ve posted a small gallery. Just click on the link at the end of this report.

And, a couple of days ago, some girl by the name of Kicca-chan paid Steve a visit and promptly got her ass tied up. That name is a new one to me. I’m not even sure how you pronounce it or where it comes from. Anyway, Kicca-chan appears to be wearing a platinum blonde wig. I think it’s rather attractive. The face and body aren’t bad, either.

I haven’t received a detailed report from Thomas this week as to the goings-ons at Studio SIX. Maybe he’s taking a break from writing. I can’t blame him. If you knew about all the work he’s involved in, you’d agree with me on that.

Next Saturday at Studio SIX is going to be a corker. Plump, pudgy Shoko-chan will be the guest of honor and it’s going to get wild. I am going to make every effort to be there myself. If I can possibly pull this off, I believe I can safely predict an amazing and large new gallery, probably around Monday of next week. I will also most likely put up another movie.

In the meantime, here are the most recent galleries:

GALLERY — Studio Six

GALLERY — Kicca-chan



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