Phoenix Rising — Kotone-chan Gets Slimed



On Sunday the Osada Steve production company created yet another masterpiece of contemporary shibari porn. The model was the cute and very sweet Kotone-chan, well known for the beautiful phoenix tattoo on her back.

She is tiny and oh so cute. It is always a pleasure working with her — and watching her! The production started out at 5:30 p.m. when Steve and I met at Studio SIX to pick up the stuff needed and went off to the love hotel where the movie was to be shot. Steve had hired a professional camera man with whom I have worked several times.

Setting up the lights and decorating the room took some time, but it really was worth it since it looked much better afterwards. One set (the teppo-shibari) was pretty good, especially since Kotone was pulled up very high using the pulley that is one of the fixtures in the SM room.

The teppo itself is a wonderful pattern, but such a high suspension with all the metal chains around made it look even better. Hopefully, we caught the height properly as this is the most difficult thing in shooting a suspension.

Another scene was based upon intricate newaza with more rope on the girl than clothes, basically. The fun began when Steve started to torment poor little Kotone-chan and made her twist and turn in her helpless position face down on the floor. I will miss these things when I am back in Germany, that’s for sure!

The last scene before we entered the final stage of the shoot could be called “meido-ijime“, which might be translated as “maid-bullying” . There was no rope involved, but a very cute little maid I would have liked to have gotten my grubby hands on myself who struggled and fought a futile battle against the overwhelming forces of darkness, represented by Osada-san who pushed, shoved, grabbed and tormented her until she was completely exhausted and lay on the floor panting, trying to catch her breath.

The grand finale was wet ‘n’ messy action in the bathroom. Chocolate syrup, beer, yogurt, milk and raw eggs, all spilt over Kotone’s hair, breasts, legs and face. And, of course, after all this mess, Osada-san helped the wretched little thing clean up by forcing her deep into the water of the bathtub, making sure there was no goop left on any portion of Kotone-chan’s body. This, it came to mind, was very thoughtful of him!

We all had a great time and due to the recent cooler weather, it was not as hot, steamy and exhausting as expected (at least as far as the air in the hotel room was concerned). The rest of it was smoking hot, as it always is when the Osada Steve production company goes to work.

I can’t wait for our next shoot.




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