Cat Meets Pussy — Shoko-chan’s Night Out


Shoko-chan Let’s see. I said I’d have this up on Monday and it’s now Wednesday. Right on schedule!

I was able to get over to Studio SIX for Saturday’s Kinbaku Live Night performance starring Shoko-chan, the plumpest model in Osada Steve’s harem of willing rope sluts. I wasn’t able to stay till the bitter end, but I took in most of the show. Although, as always seems the case, I had to leave before the blow-jobs were generously offered to the paying customers, I was able to spend some quality time with Shoko-chan while Steve took a breather.

Mostly, though, I concentrated on capturing the event with my new toy — a relatively cheap high definition camera that makes the pictures taken with my previous cam look like total shit.

Folks, high definition (or Hi-Vision as it is known in Japan) is not just the wave of the future, it is here now. Standard def crap will soon be a thing of the past. Good riddance.

Of course, it’s still going to take some time for this to become a reality for the Internet. The video I’m including with this report had to be dumbed down a lot. All I can say is, you should see the original!

To the left of this page you can find links to Steve’s websites. These videos eventually wind up over there. They’re encoded at a higher bitrate and, therefore, the quality is much higher. Steve also is using state-of-the-art software to keep the file sizes manageable while still maintaining quality.

I wish I could put up a comprehensive report like Thomas always does but I’m getting old and my memory keeps getting worse. Upon reviewing the video, I see that there was some really nice, tight standing bondage in the beginning. Shoko-chan has great tits and, although she was wearing a top at the time, the tight ropes accentuated her luscious boobs and caused them to stand out all the more.

Eventually, an industrial strength vibrator was tied between her legs and it didn’t take long before Shoko-chan was thrusting her hips forward and crying out, “Iku! iku!!” as the first orgasm thundered through her trembling body.

More rope was applied to Shoko-chan as the vibrator remained in place and she was, at once, pleasured and tormented. The front of her top was ripped away and her dress lowered to just above her shaved snatch.

She was made to turn around and present her ample ass to the audience and to the ministrations of Steve’s cat o’ nine tails. Rope was flying everywhere. When you’re in the audience at one of Steve’s performances, especially if you’re sitting up close, goggles are mandatory.

Below is a teaser pic of the night’s proceedings and the link to the video.


VIDEO — Shoko-chan at Studio SIX


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