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One thing about living in another country for the long haul — people you know eventually become people you knew. And so it happens. This time Thomas, the intrepid chronicler of the Osada Steve odyssey, will soon be returning to his native land. I, for one, will miss his reports but wish him well in his future endeavors and thank him for all the work he’s gone to, not only as a reporter but also as a photographer, videographer, set-designer, etc. for Steve. Bon voyage. KJ

It has been a while, due to circumstances beyond my control, since I filed a report on the performances at my favorite shibari place in Tokyo. Saturday’s model was the incomparable Nami-chan. I saw her some time ago at Studio SIX and by now I am more convinced than ever that her cute and flawless face might very well drive many a man insane with desire.

Keeping up with tradition, the first set was a marvelous newaza (floor) bondage featuring intricate rope patterns that entangled both her legs and fixed her calves to her upper legs. Her chest was tightly bound with a takakote, if I am not mistaken, and finally got fixed to the extended suspension point.

Then Steve forced her up on her knees by shortening the ropes tied to the suspension point. Nami-chan is not into pain or spanking, but she definitely appreciates rope. And she needs it tight and strict. Occasionally, her legs started twisting and turning while she was moaning in sweet misery.

The second set was a tsuri (suspension) . This is my favorite style of tsuri, technically a sideways suspension, Nami’s body was not stretched out while being suspended as is usually the case but, rather, Steve tied her into a little ball of restraint by adding one rope after the other, tightening the ropes that held her ankles, hips and torso by wrapping ropes around the part of them that went up to the suspension point.

Therefore, he created the image of an arm-thick cluster of ropes emerging from the
suspension point and running down toward Nami’s body where they split up to hold her ankles, hips and torso. I really like this impression of the rope as a strong structure restricting the body to the utmost while stabilizing it at the same time. Hard to believe that this set with all its wonderful impressions only lasted 24 minutes. It felt so much longer as it was so intense.

The third set of five that evening was a teppo shibari. Teppo shibari is one of the most difficult suspensions as far as I know since the potential for injury, especially to the shoulder joints, is pretty high. Teppo is the suspension that fixes one of the arms with the hand behind the neck and the elbow high up in the air. It is really beautiful and offers many opportunities to apply intricate patterns, especially to the back of the model.

The fourth set was a newaza-bamboo shibari set. Using a long thick piece of bamboo, Steve fixed Nami-chan’s arms behind her back, using only a few ropes and less complicated patterns this time. After blindfolding her, he made her turn by using the bamboo as a lever and gently leading her into the positions that would be most enjoyable for the customers.

Again using the bamboo, he made her twist and turn, inflicting agony and the
mandatory feeling of helplessness on her that she so obviously craved.

The fifth and last session was a special treat. Pedro, a guest from Portugal, presented his rigging skills to us. Taking his time, he slowly and with high concentration started to tie up Nami-chan.

Using a lot of ropes, he covered her chest with a tight harness, fixing every one of her fingers with detail and precision. All of the time, Nami was kneeling, presenting her wonderfully shaped body and making it possible for us to follow every one of Pedro’s moves. Using a pattern that I saw some time ago at Kabukicho DX, he at first fixed one of her ankles to the suspension point, then the other, lifting Nami-chan’s body up with her head down and her feet up at a steep angle.

Her face was close to the floor. It was very appealing and enjoyable. Pedro is an incredible rigger.

I will end my report here, since I have several errands to attend to (for instance, my last KMC shoot today as member of the Osada Steve Production Team). Wait, did I say “last KMC shoot”? Yes. Unfortunately, my time in this fascinating country is coming to an end in early August.

Even though I am looking forward to being reunited with all the people I had to leave behind about a year ago, I will miss Steve and Studio SIX very much.

Next week will be my last session at Studio SIX for a very long time and I would love to meet with those of you who can make it for a little farewell event.

There are no plans yet where to go or what to do, so if anyone has any suggestions, please share them. I would really appreciate the opportunity to bid farewell to at least some of you in person, if you can make it.



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