Sizzling Summer DVD Specials


The most recent Osada Steve DVD release can be found here.

This would appear not to be the usual distributor. And like some of the electronic gizmos over here, good luck finding this one outside of Japan. I guess if it does become available overseas, Europe will be the most likely venue.

I do remember this shoot since I was operating the B roll camera. I believe this may have been the one where I and the main videographer chased Ageha through the streets of Ikebukuro. She was attired in her yukata and a lot of people were wondering what the hell we were doing. I also think this is the one where Steve and I finally “captured” Ageha in the dusty bowels of an office building after which she was dragged away to the dungeon to meet her fate.

All in all, a very long but fun day.

And speaking of video shoots, another one was recently finished. If I am able to get more information on this shoot, you’ll be the first to know. Or at least the second or third.



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