Kiku-chan Ties the Knot


This time it was not Osada Steve tying Kiku-chan, but rather Kiku-chan binding herself to her partner in a wedding ceremony in Yokohama on Saturday before Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. Steve and Thomas attended the wedding, then rushed back to get things ready for the night’s proceedings.

Weddings in Japan can be expensive — for the guests! I’ve never been invited to one and, for that, I’m grateful. The reason: guests are expected to cough up the sum of 30,000 yen as a gift to the bride and groom. Guests then receive presents from the couple, true. But I don’t think those presents come close to the 30,000 yen price tag of attending the wedding.

Anyway, I like to pick out the gifts I give to myself, thank you very much. If I’ve got some spare yen lying around, I can put it to much better use than someone who barely knows me.

What happened to the days when the bride’s parents were expected to foot the whole damned bill? And all I had to do was to go to X-Mart and buy a crappy 25 dollar blender so I didn’t look like a complete prick whilst eating the food and drinking the booze?

Having said that (and establishing myself as a selfish jerk) I would just like to say to Kiku-chan: Congratulations! And don’t be absent from Studio SIX too long!

The last few posts haven’t had much visual stimuli so I’m going to make up for that by uploading a couple of photo galleries. The first one has some pics of Nami-chan from Thomas’ most recent Studio SIX dispatch. As Thomas reported, Pedro was in town from abroad and some of the photos show his handiwork.

The second gallery is of blondie Kicca-chan in an encore performance.

Speaking of Thomas, this past Saturday was his last time at Studio SIX for who knows how long. Steve presented him with a set of ropes as a going away present. That, at least, is a worthwhile gift.

Gallery — Studio SIX

Gallery — Kicca-chan



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