Juli-chan Shines at Studio SIX


Juli-chan Yes, yes I know I said I’d put up the rest of the Randa Mai article, but I was at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX Saturday night and I got a bunch of photos and I wanted to share them with you just as soon as possible. Steve is kindly allowing me to publish some of them here for your enjoyment.

This was the first time I’d seen Juli-chan in person. Like you, I’d seen some of her pics before. But I must say, there’s nothing like actually being there and having a ringside seat. Juli-chan is a pretty young thing with lovely white skin and classic Japanese features. She’s also quite charming. Steve said he really enjoys working with Juli-chan. For her part, Juli-chan had a good time except, perhaps, when the hot wax got a little too close to her nether regions.

I wasn’t the only one taking snaps last night. There was another Westerner who, although he’s apparently been in Japan awhile, had only recently found out about Steve’s weekly shibari event at Studio SIX.

I also talked with a Western couple during one of the breaks. They got so hot during the proceedings that they were planning on going to a love hotel afterwards.

I spoke with Mr. K. who was at Studio SIX for the first time. He is a bartender at Mode et Baroque where Steve has a regular weekly gig. This was very basic communication, I’m afraid, since my Japanese speaking ability continues along at a glacial pace. Mr. K. had long, straight, jet-black hair, multiple facial piercings and black fingernails. He said he was being tutored in the art of shibari by Osada Steve.

Steve has acquired a large selection of kimonos for his models to wear and two of the sets featured beautiful, multi-colored kimonos. The other set saw Juli-chan decked out in a maid outfit. I’ve never done this before but I think I’m going to put in a request: I’d like to see Juli-chan come out dressed as an OL (office lady). I’m not sure if Steve has any of these outfits in his collection but I’ll let you know if my fantasy is ever realized — and I’ll provide photographic evidence.

Some of us crowded into Steve’s production facility downstairs after the show and had a look at some of the photos I took on one of Steve’s big monitors. Then Ageha showed up to escort Steve to an SM party being held that evening even though it was now after 11 pm.

These SM people are real night owls.

Me? I grabbed a futon and crashed in the dojo.




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