Studio SIX Kicks off 2008 with Ryo-chan


I really wanted to be there for this one. Unfortunately, I ate some bad fish (I think) and that really put a crimp in my plans to trek into the dojo on Saturday night to see what all the fuss was about concerning this well-endowed girl with the lovely skin.

Since then, Juli-chan has also made an appearance at Studio SIX. Not sure if she provided an encore of her office lady performance but that certainly would have been a treat for those lucky enough to have been in attendance.

Apparently there were a couple of guys with big cameras and even bigger lenses rolling around all over the floor taking upskirt photos of Juli-chan. Then, when she didn’t have a skirt on anymore, they just stayed down there and got photos as Juli-chan swung from Steve’s ropes.

Slightly off topic for a blog focusing primarily on Japanese shibari but, in case you haven’t already heard, Olga Kurylenko is the new Bond girl. She is a beauty originally from Ukraine and this would appear to be her first major motion picture appearance. I wouldn’t bother bringing this to your attention except for the fact that she appeared completely nude and bound in a French film called Le Serpent. I haven’t seen the film, just a few production stills, but I’m going to check around to see if it’s available in Japan.

I noticed that the bondage in the rather small pic I saw looked suspiciously like Japanese style shibari. These days, everything seems to be going this way. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I suppose. Too bad the producers didn’t fly in someone with the skills of Arisue Go (Hana to Hebi) — or Osada Steve, for that matter.

Of course, this would have added slightly to the cost of the production and would have necessitated additional bondage scenes which, of course, is the point.

Sadly, I feel quite safe predicting we will not see Miss Kurylenko naked and tied in the next Bond epic even though the producers did throw a bone to the gay SM crowd in the last film. With that in mind, we definitely need to see a scantily clad Miss Kurylenko in bondage in the newest installment in the series so that the universe retains its proper balance.

Getting back to Studio SIX coverage, I will try to go in this Saturday night. Personally, I hope Asagi Ageha is there. I can’t get the image of a bound Ageha-chan in a Chinese dress out of my mind. I blame one of the commenters for causing this recent fixation of mine. I know Steve has a rather large collection of kimonos. I wonder if he has any Chinese dresses lying around?




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  1. There’s always been an S/M subtext (both heterosexual and homoerotic) in the Bond books and films. The film of “Casino Royale” just made it more obvious. This could be attributed to Ian Fleming’s experiences as a boy at Eton, with its notorious flagellant culture.

  2. I’ve seen Olga before. She was the female lead in the recent Hitman movie. Granted it was based on a video game, but the male lead was Timothy Olyphant, who is a rising star in hollywood. I’m right there with you that we need to balance out the S/M that Bond has gone through, not just in Casino Royale, but also in the movie before it Die Another Day. The title sequence involves the months Bond spent in a North Korean interrogation prison at the hands of an attractive woman. After that movie a play partner of mine was inspired and wanted to try interrogation.

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