On Pins and Needles with Ryo-chan


Ryo head Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX is something like the faithful postman: rain, hail, sleet, snow, you name it — almost nothing gets in the way of Saturday night’s festivities at the dojo. This past Saturday featured Ryo-chan, a girl I’ve waited some time to finally be able to see in action. Sometime between the first and second sets, snow began falling in Tokyo and didn’t let up until about the time things finished after 11:00 p.m. A good crowd was on hand despite the less-than-ideal conditions. But one fellow called ahead and canceled due to the weather. It turns out this was the guy who was coming specifically to see Ryo-chan endure the needles, which is something, I hear, she particularly relishes.

Osada Steve doesn’t often incorporate needle play into his routine. I mean, he’s a rope guy first and foremost. Most of his time and energy are put into mastering the art of applying scratchy fiber to soft, female flesh. But he does entertain requests now and then and I, too, was interested in seeing what would happen when sharp steel found its way to Ryo-chan’s tender nipples.

And what lovely nipples she has! And beautiful breasts as well. Alas, when the needle guy canceled, Steve forgot all about the needle part and concentrated on applying the knots. But it was good. So good, in fact, that even I, needle-curious as well, completely forgot about the pre-show billing. Perhaps it was for the best. Perhaps the others in attendance were there purely for the beauty and excitement of a masterful display of shibari excellence. Needles can, after all, make some people queasy. In retrospect, perhaps only Ryo-chan and I missed the needles.

But I wasn’t disappointed. As I said, the rope show was very satisfying, indeed. And there’s always next time. When Ryo-chan makes a future appearance at Studio SIX, I shall not forget to prod Steve to break out the small, sterilized packages. I think Ryo-chan will thank me for my consideration.

Now, per my usual modus operandi, I will let the gallery do most of the talking here as far as the details are concerned. You will notice some interesting chair bondage, another theme I cannot seem to get enough of. In fact, I hope Osada Steve incorporates more of this into future events.

Steve is happiest when applying his newaza (ground technique) and he often starts out in this manner. I have come to regard this as akin to the spider entrapping the fly; first luring the unsuspecting creature into its space, then slowly, slowly dominating it and causing it to become increasingly helpless through the use of its irresistible bindings — before devouring it.

Enjoy the gallery. No video this time. Sorry. I’ll rectify this next time. In the meantime, I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for Ryo-chan to return to Studio SIX.




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