Irezumi Princess Aiko-chan Debuts


Aiko We were in for quite a treat Saturday evening at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. A pretty and friendly young girl by the name of Aiko appeared for the first time. How does Osada Steve do it? Where does he find these lovelies? Well, as it turns out, Aiko-chan was “discovered” at one of the bondage bars Steve hangs out at. Steve described Aiko-chan as “the real deal” — a girl who takes to rope like the proverbial duck to water. He had bound Aiko-chan only once before so this was only the second time he had worked with her. He said she was very, very good as a rope partner.

Just watching, you’d never know the two hadn’t performed together many times in the past.

Aiko-chan is particularly distinguished by her amazing irezumi, or tattoos. These are the real deal, too, my friends — just like in those famous drawings by the artist Miyabi. She has an intricate, colorful design on her back of a tiger, a phoenix on her thigh and some sort of flower on her ankle. I forgot the name of the flower. Beautiful. Stunning. I love this girl!

Aiko-chan is very flexible and Steve put her into one of those reverse tanuki positions (okay, that’s what I call it). This is one of the most demanding, and by that I mean agonizing, positions a model can be subjected to. By the way, a tanuki is what is known in English as a raccoon dog. I’d never heard of a raccoon dog before but I guess it looks like your basic, garden variety raccoon. So, if you’re out hunting and you manage to bag yourself one of the little critters, you tie the two front paws together and the two rear paws together and carry the thing back home on a pole. In this case, the raccoon dog is hanging with its belly facing up.

The reverse tanuki has the girl’s wrists tied together behind her back and her ankles are bound as well. Wrists and ankles are then brought together with rope and, for the coup de grace, she is then hoisted into the air where she swings, twists and turns.

In the old days, we all know what this kind of technique was designed for. Today, it is an interesting artistic expression and a good test of a girl’s mettle. Many models do like to test themselves in this regard. Aiko-chan was able to endure the strain for quite a long while, certainly long enough to get some good pictures of the rare event. She was quickly returned to earth once it became necessary.

There are so many things to like about Aiko-chan. Her other qualities include dramatic facial and audible expressions. The facial expressions are especially appreciated by us photographers.

Before I forget, I should mention that Steve also had Aiko-chan riding the bamboo rail. And my personal favorite was when she was standing, arms bound behind, wearing only a red fundoshi which was mostly draped down in front of her lovely legs. Now, I may have my terms mixed up here. Wikipedia indicates that fundoshi (a kind of Japanese loincloth) are worn by men. So perhaps this is a different type of apparel altogether. All I know is that it is sexy as hell. Check out the gallery to see what I’m talking about.

Coming Attractions

As I mentioned in my previous post, we attended Tokyo Decadance last week. I have now finished the edit of the show and it will be appearing in its entirety at

The big news is that Steve has authorized a shorter version of the show to be published (a near-four minute trailer, so to speak) of the event and it will have its World Premiere any day now. I’ll let you know when that happens, with the appropriate links.




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