Swinging in Kabukicho


There was no Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX this past Saturday. Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha were busy entertaining the folks in Kabukicho at the SM Taikai event which took place all week at the Kabukicho DX strip theater. I wasn’t able to be in attendance but Steve provided a nice batch of excellent photos. I was a little surprised by how good these photos looked considering the challenging lighting conditions in a place like this.

I don’t have a complete report but someone else was there and wrote his impressions on one of Steve’s Yahoo groups. Hopefully he won’t mind if I borrow a snippet:

“Of course the last and most prestigious event was Ageha-san and Steve-san in a teacher and school girl routine which started by a French lesson, was followed by a yoko-zuri during which Ageha-san did lose all her school girl uniform, including the socks. Everyone was already captivated by the graciously floating, swinging and rotating body of Ageha-san when Steve-san used a sharp gardening tool to brutally solve the rope equation leaving all of a sudden Ageha-san hanging by her ankle (with her customary elegance.)

A murmur of appreciation went through the jam-packed place. The rest of the takatakote was untied with Ageha-san hanging head down on the slowly rotating platform.”

Thanks for that. Sounds like fun and wish I had been there.

In other news, I recently checked the numbers and, to date, over 3,000 people have viewed the Live Shibari in Tokyo video. That doesn’t seem too bad. It’s been up a little less than a week. It was apparently tagged as belonging in the mature audience section but, despite this, quite a few people seem to be enjoying this very artistic expression of shibari.

From April 14 to the 19th there will be an exhibition of the artwork of Asagi Ageha. Ageha-chan is not just an artist on stage but also at the drawing board. The exhibition will take place at the Vanilla Gallery.

On April 20 at the SM and fetish bar Arcadia in Osaka, Osada Steve and Ageha-chan will be performing. This is apparently Arcadia’s fifth anniversary. The event is billed as Ultimania.

The last time I spoke with Ageha-chan, she told me she was booked for a ten-day run of shows in a small, out-of-the-way prefecture in Japan. When she told me the name I had to admit I’d never even heard of it. And now I’ve forgotten the name and where it’s located. Apparently, there isn’t much to do there except take advantage of all the onsen that are in abundance. She said that accessing the place is a challenge and she thought that internet access might be difficult. Hmm. This is starting to remind me of a movie I once saw.

Kinbaku Live Night at Studio Six will be in full swing again next week. The guest of honor will be Kasumi-chan. Actually, I believe she will be appearing the next two weeks. Kasumi-chan is a well-developed woman with some meat on her bones and the cleavage to match. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Kasumi-chan but my guess is that next week at Studio SIX a lot of people are going to be very happy they bought a ticket.


GALLERY — Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha at Kabukicho DX


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