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A lot has been going on. Let’s see if I can remember it all. First, I was over at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX on Saturday. Ryo-chan was the star of the evening. Steve told me he’d seen her a few days before and that she had pink hair. Her hair was kind of reddish before but now it’s even more red. Although, in person, it did have a pink tinge to it. I was there taking photos, of course. Another fellow was there taking pics as well with a very nicely outfitted Canon DSLR. I’ll call him Mr. X. Several of his photos are included in the gallery. I like his pics better. In fact, I’m going to be picking his brain in the hopefully not-too-distant future to see if I can improve on my photography.

One of the great things about Studio SIX is the interesting people one often meets. I won’t go into much detail concerning Mr. X. Suffice it to say he is an experienced Japan hand, a successful businessman and an excellent photographer. Another gentleman was there whom I’ve not seen in a while. If memory serves, he is from France. Of course, this is in addition to the Japanese folks. You often get a United Nations kind of vibe at Studio SIX.

Ryo-chan works long, late hours but I’m not sure about her occupation. As such, Osada Steve said she was sleepy. Actually, he said this the last time, too. But the funny thing is, I’ve never noticed – and I think I’m watching pretty intently. In my humble opinion, she never fails to please and Saturday night was no exception. She did favor us with a demonstration of her self-bondage routine the last time she was at Studio SIX. If she was sleepy, I’d hate to see her when she is fully rested. It was dynamite. No self-bondage this time around. The schedule was quite full with other activities.

I will, as usual, refer you to the gallery for the details but I will mention here that for one of the sets Ryo-chan came out wrapped in a long, white cloth –- the kind of cloth, Steve told me, that is worn under a kimono. I think I got that right. It was really sexy and even better when it was removed.

Anyway, Ryo-chan is a real sweetheart and everyone who attended, I’m sure, had a great time watching Steve put this slender girl with the ample tits through her paces.

We have something of a routine of paying a visit to MOS Burger to relax and wind down after Studio SIX. MOS serves up decent burgers. Not the best you can find in Tokyo but certainly better than the typical chain cardboard, mystery meat fare. This time, however, we went to a very Japanese style restaurant hidden away just a few minutes’ walk from the dojo. The bill was substantially higher than had we gone to MOS Burger but it was a great place and I really enjoyed it. I had a small dish Steve told me was whale penis. I kind of think he was bullshitting me but you never know. Since I’ve never eaten whale dick before, there’s no way of telling.

Now here’s a preview of things to come: Last week’s model was Aiko-chan and when I spoke to her after the event, I learned that she has in her possession a Chinese dress with a nice, long slit up the side. So, if we are fortunate enough to see her again at Studio SIX (fingers crossed), those of us with a particular affinity for lovely Asian girls tied up in a Chinese dress will no doubt experience sensory overload. Now, to be perfectly up front, I’m not in a position to guarantee any of this. A lot of factors are involved. But if I get the word from Steve about the return of Aiko-chan, you’ll find out here first.

I’ve mainly been busy getting this Tokyo Decadance video wrapped up. As I mentioned previously, the video of the entire show can be found at


GALLERY — Ryo-chan at Studio SIX


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